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I got it

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, December 11 2022 at 10:58:39PM
In reply to WTF? posted by sadlife on Sunday, December 11 2022 at 10:37:55PM

Initially Libertarians could be more open about being libertarian on everything. As they got attacked for those views on children they had to accept those views even if it was contrary to their libertarian world view.

This contradiction to their beliefs led to a crack in their world view. The same thing when you have a really tall building. One crack can lead to the questioning of their strongly held principles.

It was pragmatism to go along with the pedo hatred.But, this leads to the group being weaker overall. Pragmatism has it's place, but you don't need to change your principles to achieve it.

So the libertarians/ and I'm sure Dissedent will agree (almost typed Dissonant again yikes) pretty much every group out there has had to conform their principles in small ways to big ways on this issue.

I guess some people just have styles of speaking which might be a little harder for others to understand sometimes.

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