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Labeled myself a "Lincoln Log Libertarian".

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, December 13 2022 at 05:26:26AM
In reply to Libertarians... posted by LGsouL on Sunday, December 11 2022 at 6:24:33PM

Sort of a semi-tongue-in-cheek take on the gay "Log Cabin Republican". I actually knew one. He had a sorta-thing for so-called "twinks" and was the first friend I had who seemed to be fine with me liking early teen girls.

I think labels are a little fluctuating anyway. What's really important is your own beliefs, and getting them to a point where even when society changes and tries to pressure YOU to change, you instead become a bite in their ass, stay put where your true beliefs are, and let them attack you at will, even though it was them who shifted to your left or your right. In the long term, you will win respect from those who develop despair for constantly shifting where they stand.

That's called not being a sheep, and not being led to the slaughter for lamb chops. Let them drag you there, fighting every step of the way instead. There is no shame in that.

At the same time, let the new wisdom that comes to you with age allow you to shift your own beliefs, provided it's not being pressured from others and is coming from yourself. You will be hated for that as well, but there is no shame in this either.


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