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My experience.

Posted by The Warrior on Monday, November 07 2022 at 08:31:14AM
In reply to Reports Are Not Support: Mandatory Reporting Harm posted by hierophant on Sunday, November 06 2022 at 9:48:56PM

I experienced that back in the 1990s. I was having some personal problems in addition to dealing with my pedophilia.
I made an appointment with a counselor. I was hopeful that I could talk about everything. The first thing that he mentioned was mandatory reporting of certain topics. Of course, issues dealing with pedophilia was one of them.
Out of three sessions, I only attended two. While, I was dealing with other issues, I felt those were addressed and any further discussion was not warranted.
What I really wanted was to discuss my lifelong predilection. I needed to open up about my desires and fantasies. Personally, I don't see the harm in men and women discussing child sexuality or nudity.
What really gets me is the sexual conduct of certain politicians dating or exposing themselves to "young girls" (I don't consider teens as "young girls") then the very same people claiming that the other party is running pedophile prostitution rings out of secret pizza parlors - ON MARS!
All I know, is that our community needs legal sexual outlets, or at least turning a blind eye. I don't know how many people enjoy tiktok, Instagram, and other platforms, but there is a bevy of preteen girls dancing or posing seductively. Never nude, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The Warrior

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