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(?s): Pedotrophy/Humanitarianism/Sustainability☺҈۞

Posted by Children First! on Friday, April 01 2022 at 11:35:32PM

Hi friends! I have decided to post all of these questions at once instead of over months of time as originally planned.

Please answer the following questions as a parent, or as an adult that has, has had, and/or will have respectable relations with human children/younger humans. Honesty found within your answers is expected, and very much appreciated.

I will only be able to assume that the questions will be answered by adults/parents/older humans, but would not object to actual feedback from children, since technically it should be the children answering these types of questions instead. Maybe it will be possible later but as of right now in reality I see no way of asking these types of questions to children directly. If it was possible for me to ask real 'children' these questions directly (specifically a lot of them) I probably would not be here asking them, however as many of you already know most parents are (hiding) their children away from anyone who is not a part of their family, or acceptable circle of close friends that can be 'trusted'. It is amazing how disconnected we as humans have become from one another. [and yes.... the pandemic certainly doesn't help the situation either.] Simply observing children from a distance wherever I do see them at random I must say is not good enough to generate a worthwhile life! Children, being the most important thing to focus on in our lives as humans (this is my belief) isn't something I have almost any real or truly meaningful contact with anymore, which applies to many other people out there too of course, and this is causing more problems to both young and older generations more than we can immediately speculate! All aspects of our society, culture and overall community have been deeply segregated, and the situation over time has not been improving - only getting worse - and this has become mentally and physically (normalized) to the majority of the population of the entire world. Hiding away/segregating children and then preventing them from (communicating, etc.) with other humans of other age groups and/or 'strangers' in an attempt to 'protect' them is just as frustrating to a truly normal human as is the existence and acceptance of legally-available pornographic images or videos that is exclusive to being seen or used (mostly) in private 'adult'-oriented spaces by written law as a completely *unreal​* experience, though in combination with other laws on the side that simultaneously prevent *real​* situations of being physically nude and/or have the ability to experience sexual intercourse within the public spaces of society, as that is just one similar example of a recipe for producing human madness from isolating and oppressing intrinsic human desires and needs which only become available to see or experience under limited circumstances. If we reversed these situations and many others rather than stricken them, I do believe our world would finally stabilize itself.

Anyway, please think of answering these questions as a way to help our world in any way that you come up with, especially for all the beautiful children out there -- and if you don't have any in mind, you probably shouldn't be here! LoL


Thank you in advance for your time.

How to respond to questions: Please simply write the number of the question followed by an answer/opinion, or after the copy-and-pasted question itself if needed. Answers can be as long as you want them to be, though being short and sweet (concise) would be preferred. If you do not want to answer a question, as it makes you feel uncomfortable or you do not know what to say in response you may skip the question, though by request it would be nice to retrieve feedback from as many questions as possible. Please respond to as many questions at once rather than half of the questions now, and then the other half a week later - I can't stop you from saying what you'd like to say now, and waiting to say the rest later, though I discourage such action.

I may repost these questions once again in around 2 weeks or maybe even a month if you would like to contemplate over how you would like to answer them, and/or give some of you more time to get back to answering if currently you are too busy to help. -So no worries if you would like to answer at a better time.

I will not be able to provide my own opinions to these questions until a later point in time after I have retrieved enough feedback. Though I may answer to certain things anyway. As an 'INFJ' (rare Myers-Briggs personality type), I'll see how I 'feel' when people reply and possibly inquire about something, etc. I won't know what to do until then. But that also means... please don't provoke me either just to get a response! I thank you all again for your understanding of this situation.

Author's note: The information collected within this interview will hopefully be used to help write a larger work in progress: 'Children are the Answer: Stabilizing the Health of Humanity and Creating Environmental Sustainability'. All identities of contributors/participants will be kept anonymous in such possible future work - unless explicitly desired otherwise by contributor/participant. The proposed title of this possible work may be improved in the future. Suggestions are welcome.

~ ~ ~ Research Questions ~ ~ ~

1. How interested do you think the children of today are about the subject of sexuality? Do you think the current generation of children ('Generation Z' / or anyone younger than 13) is any different from previous generations of children in terms of interest or expression of human sexuality?

2. Have you ever asked children questions about their own opinion of love, intimacy and/or sex, or have you simply been around them enough to know how much they value these subjects without needing to inquire? What would they say?

3. Have children ever asked you about love, intimacy and/or sex before, and if so, what did they want to know?

4. Do you think or know if children are interested in experiencing love, intimacy and sex with other children their age, or even with people who are not a part of their similar age group - such as older teens or adults?

5. How important do you think it is for someone to experience intimacy and/or sexuality with someone else as soon as they initially desire to at an early age?

6. Would you encourage any children you know to be more intimate or even sexual with someone else they like or love? They may not understand what it means to truly love someone deeply, but should that stop them from pursuing what they feel or know that they need to do to satisfy their interest or curiosity?

7. Do you think if children are able to be more intimate or sexual with anyone who will reciprocate their interests -consensually, responsibly, and with fewer restrictions being put into practice than the amount currently being implemented during this time in history- will that help them to physically and mentally develop with less aggressive or violent behavior, therefore growing up with more respect, kindness and care towards the world around them? Have you ever thought about this deeply before, and would such freedom to choose help them in the long run?

8. Should a child have the right to be intimate or experience sexual play at any age they want, providing they have been taught beforehand how to do so properly?

8.5 If a child wants to experience penetration -by either giving and/or receiving -should they have the right to do so? What about the right to have oral 'sex'?

9. Should responsible adults have the right to have loving relationships with anyone who consents, especially younger humans that we describe as 'children'?

10. The idea of putting children first is to stabilize all aspects of humanity and each environment they live amongst starting from the core of the ongoing life force of humans themselves -which to my surprising discovery is actually the mostly-ignored, under-valued life of all kinds of children- who will in turn eventually affect every environment and how sustainable it's resources will be, as everything is deeply connected, therefore being conscious of these connections will help to succeed with such radical change in the future, that will eventually become accepted as normal as well as a more preferable way to live.
-With that said, culturally, do you think putting all human children and animal children First on a very deep level around the world could actually be the solution to many of the on-going problems of the world which are deeply rooted and have not been dealt with in a better way?

11. Do you think having a health-focused political system is the best alternative to our current political system?

12. As humans, I like to think that we are 'doing all the right things the wrong way'. We are doing what we are supposed to do, but not putting enough attention towards the critical details, outcomes or consequences. Would you agree with this statement and what do you think we as humans should be doing better?

13. Do you think intimacy should be taught within part of the educational system and curriculum? What about learning self-discipline as well, in the realm of ethical studies?

14. Do you think nudity or nudism would also help to solve a lot - or at least some - of the problems in our world? The right to wear your 'birthday suit' (displaying only the skin and hair that covers your body) at any time or place responsibly for example? Do you think being forced to wear clothes by law all the time may actually cause problems within communities or society, rather than prevent them?

15. Should the touching of other people's bodies with intuitive consent for any 'truly harmless' reason or need - though mostly for pleasure - be more commonplace and accepted, rather than possibly creating modern issues of 'over-reacting', or unnecessary guilt, embarrassment and shaming from what is considered 'wrong' simply by social dogma, with the possible consequences enforced upon a person who did the (truly harmless) touching that went beyond acceptable legal boundaries from the escalation of such a situation that didn't go as planned or hoped for?

16. When it is learned that a child has had positive sexual encounters by an informed parent or adult guardian, it has been considered a contemporary and modern acceptable protocol to instruct the child that they should not partake in such activities - usually without much extremely good reason - and therefore are 'disciplined' or scolded to teach the child that what they have done is 'wrong', even if the child thinks and/or knows otherwise because they seriously enjoyed the experience. Should we as adults instead be much more lenient, and instruct the child how to simply be more safe, or knowledgeable about their romantic life, instead of looking at treating the situation as 'black and white'/unconditional?

17. In a society that is less suppressed or oppressed about their sexuality as a whole, 'consent' itself should be all that it will take for people of all ages to obtain sexual gratification. Would you agree?

18. Is there too much fear of accepting childhood sexuality, since if children actually had rights to express it openly (among other interests they deserve the right to experience), much of the current political and cultural systems would need to change, where capitalism could even collapse, and the power of governments would more or less cease over the current domain of oppressed common citizens. Could you agree that giving children the same rights as an older human, a.k.a. 'adult', would there be a shift in power that would consequently prevent the 'elites' -which is comprised of only adults- from controlling the entirety of the planet, while losing what they believe should be owned by them alone?

19. What rights should a child have with their own life in an ideal setting? What rights would you like to have had as a child?

20. Would learning subjects such as intimacy and sexual practices in school be safer than the possibility of a child being introduced to the same subjects through pornography, seen by the child on their own without parental guidance?

21. Have you had any in-depth communication with children about their future(s), or do you think asking children about where they could be heading, and/or what they need to do to prepare themselves for the future is not all that necessary?

22. Do you think children may grow up feeling suppressed and/or oppressed if there is nothing you can do about letting them have more rights during this time in history, with the only exception of being able to at least inform them about how human life should be?

23. Do you think books on parenting or raising a child fail in any way if you have seen them or read them? What kinds of information would you like to see available for parents, teachers, adult guardians, caretakers of children, etc.?

24. Do you think it is possible to teach children honesty, love, ethics, discipline (self-discipline) and humanitarianism through various forms of intimacy? (Being intimate with others, and learning how to in home/school).

25. Is there any subject other than ethics that would provide the most essential knowledge directly to children on how to live life in the best of ways? And would it be more important to teach and 'save' the children First, rather than adults who would be next in line to learn if they had missed out on such teachings early on when they initially should have gained such wisdom?

26. Since love does not imply 'penetration', should it then be acceptable for adults to truly love children specifically, with their underdeveloped bodies, and for children to truly love adults in return without the possible feeling of being overwhelmed or experience 'a bit too much' during sexual play/experiences, considering the adult takes adequate responsibility to not do harm, and deeply respect a child's needs? -Should penetration be acceptable if there is consent?

27. Can we agree that infantophilia / paedophilia / hebephilia isn't actually what anyone should fear, only molestation, sexualization, rape, violence and abuse of all kinds, etc., that specifically is Not about how to be a good lover, or how to simply love children in appropriate ways?

28. Should people be allowed to have sex anywhere they please? -If animals are 'doing it', even in front of their young, should we as humans also have this opportunity? Will this display of activity in public help to prevent sexual abuse or misconduct since the public eye will be able to intervene relatively easily?

28.5 Would sex in public be a more appropriate and acceptable alternative than using drugs in public?

29. Do you think masturbation is safe at any age? Do you think children could use more guidance on how to do it safely?

30. When you were a child yourself, did you have any romantic or sexual feelings for other children or adults? If so, at what age did you first notice such feelings? How old were the people you were attracted to, and do you think any of them could have loved you in return, if it was a situation where they were unaware of your feelings and interests?

31. When a child becomes a 'teenager', what would you say are the most noticeable aspects of their underdeveloped persona that they as a teenager will usually struggle with before they become 20 years old - or even until about the age of 25 when the human brain stops developing? (Any and all mostly 'normal' psychological issues or personality/behavioral problems/disorders or underdeveloped traits).

31.5 Is society and/or civilization to blame for a growing person's psychological or personality 'disorders' (common issues that can actually be fixed/improved such as depression, aggression, dangerous behavior, hyperactivity, etc.) most of the time, or is it simply due to hormonal changes that occur naturally, or perhaps due to the resulting combination of both situations?

32. What can be changed within society or civilization to make the 'teen' years easier for literally everyone to deal with, preferably with a very deep level of attention and care?

33. During recess in elementary school, could the playground equipment be seen as actually insufficient, too simple, and/or limiting to a child who is bound to become more complex than they are, yet could be held back from becoming so in the best of ways from what options they are by constraint encouraged to participate in during 'free time' -that one must remember adds up to hundreds of hours worth of being alive over years or recess, though possibly not being spent wisely- therefore by default a waste of time to some degree? Contemporary and modern style playgrounds are great for exercising a child's growing body and encouraging pretend-play but not too much else, which is unconsciously deceptive yet at the same time attractive, as to the child it may be much more fun than learning a subject during the rest of the day spent in class. Could this be agreed upon? What all should be available to a child during 'recess'/free time/break time? How about the availability to use a library within the building, a gym/calisthenics equipment, art and/or music departments for example? Or maybe even supervised activities never before seen involving intimacy or sexuality, possibly in the form of games?

34. Should children learn how everything is 'connected' in reality during school on a deeper level? Subjects such as what 'god', love, the meaning of life, what life actually is, what men and women want, dreams, culture, subculture, politics of all types, the health of humanity and animal kingdoms, environmental sustainability and planetary ecosystems, agriculture, logistics, philosophy, psychology, linguistics, existentialism, free will, who they are as individual people in relation to other individuals of all kinds and what place they could or should have in the future, etc., all in a format that would be easy to understand and truly help them see who they are as earthlings on the planet?

35. Would you like to see and/or be a part of a more sexual society and/or community?

36. What do you think we as humans can do to prevent the current belief/problem that civilization will collapse and the possible extinction of humanity (the Holocene/ sixth mass extinction)? What are your thoughts on necessary and immediate needs for radical change? Or do you feel there is almost nothing worth doing that we as humans can realistically do, as facing our demise seems inevitable?

37. What aspects of civilization could or should we as a species make sacrifices to keep?

38. In the human mind, once an active brain creates the notion of 'possibilities' within Consciousness and become a part of someone's constant awareness, do you think we as humans - who specifically have different abilities than our 'animal' neighbors/relatives- should accept that 'controlling consciousness' becomes necessary to prevent world-wide disaster due to what can be called 'reckless homogeneity' (uncritical, ignorant, destructive, contagious and virally-spread behavior ubiquitously present within human occupancy)?

39. My belief is that the meaning of life is to 'Keep Moving' in every way, and any way that a sentient creature/being desires to do. Would the idea of creating 'community paths' for human pedestrians that span across the continents of Earth give new meaning to humanity itself, where a new goal to achieve as a human is to visit as much of the world as possible specifically on foot? The roads created for environmentally polluting, fragile-ecosystem destroying, energy-resource-devouring automobiles is currently an obvious culprit that propels global warming and unsustainable environmental paradigms; a sign that technological 'progress' has gone too far. So, will such global community paths be the best new safe alternative that should technically have been the only major way to travel since the beginning of man using two legs to get from 'point A' to 'point B'? (Note: bicycles would be acceptable -an invention of worthwhile sacrifice to keep around- with a few other exceptional forms of technologically advanced transportational accessories which should only be used for very needy situations to help conserve energy of all kinds.)

40. Three easy-to-remember rules/guidelines to follow for adults desiring to have romantic relationships with children/smaller humans (or vice-versa):
1. Do No Harm.
2. Avoid penetration / Un consensual penetration (with smaller humans) if it will be too painful coming from a larger human.
3. No promoting/advertising/exploitation of child-and-adult type relationships, or of the Natural development of a child's budding sexuality in any way.
-Such relationships will require more detailed rules to follow than just these three major ones, though if one were to think more deeply about each rule (adhering to more than what is said verbatim) and follow them, there really shouldn't be any problems. Do these guidelines seem acceptable?

41. I have thought long and hard about these subjects, and over time have conjured a theory that some forms of adult oriented 'paedophilia' could actually be prevented by a child experiencing love with other children (normal paedophilia at a younger age) that are specifically child/child (child with another child) oriented, by satisfying a real child's sexual urges early in life, as much as can be experienced, and therefore not grow old wondering the whole time what it would have been like to experience being another child if they had the chance early on instead. The negative situations an adult paedophile could force upon a child, potentially could be prevented -such as molestation, rape, violence and abuse- simply by allowing and teaching children how to love other children/young humans, precisely when *they are* children. Evidence based data has shown that what a child experiences early in life will alter the rest of their future dramatically, therefore allowing certain sexual activities to be experienced while young under the right conditions should help to improve overall human health if continued as a cycle, starting with the availability of opportunity in Youth Intimacy School Education (Y.I.S.E.). Does this idea make enough sense to be allowed in real life? (Full description of Y.I.S.E. will be thoroughly explained in essay or book, of which is currently a work-in-progress).

42. Do you think the separation between male and female public restrooms creates a certain kind of 'positive feedback loop' or 'reinforcement' of each gender role within such a gender-specific space, unconsciously causing people to psychologically and physically acquire, adopt, and be influenced by specific traits that are expected which are considered 'acceptable' by societies' standards within of each of the two main 'genders', over long periods of use?

43. The idea of giving children more autonomy is becoming an increasingly important subject of debate with evidence-based data to back this claim. Do you think it's a better idea to give children a little more autonomy with their time while they are young, therefore carefully selected school class subjects will not need to be taught until later in their life which will be delayed/not occur until the approximate ages between 7-12 [many details about which subjects -and when they could be taught later- is information to be expanded upon in a larger format of writing], where essentially what will be focused on -especially before the age of 7- are teachings of ethics and intimacy while literally being clothed or nude, with brief introductory studies towards reading, writing, art, calisthenics, music, meditation, architecture, food, health, environmental sustainability, etc. [details of subjects and specific times to be expanded upon in book form]. Certain subjects that will be worth teaching to a child at a young age, but not too early in life during school, will be taught once the child has reached an age where they are more mentally prepared and mature, to make the entirety of the learning experience more enjoyable during those years, with emphasis on the freedom to discover what it means to become an individual, what needs to be experienced at a young age to feel satisfied, and which lifestyle direction they need to take afterwards. Would this more autonomous educational system be worthy of replacing our contemporary and modern educational systems?

44. As a parent/guardian/caring adult, what do you fear most about what may happen to any child in the future (especially if they are your own)?

45. Do you make, or have you made, an effort to pass down wisdom to children so that they have answers to difficult questions that normally could take 'too long' (possibly years) to figure out on their own? Do you, or have you, supplied the 'cheat-sheet' to life?

46. Should incest be acceptable to any degree? I personally think it needs to be avoided at all costs, but who are we to make (all) the rules for everyone, and who they can or can't 'love', even if that person is a (close) family member?

47. Do you have a good relationship with children and are they willing to obey/follow what you ask of them as an adult figure, for reasons that are caused by previously establishing healthy, mutually caring relationships with deep understanding for each other - rather than unhealthy relationships that would be created through consistent bribery to do something most of the time, where supplying treats/rewards/gifts to a child could be presented if they comply with your demands and basically only act nice when you as a parent are around for example?

48. From here on out, will you do your best to help teach all children to become better humans to help stabilize the mental and physical health of humanity which will in turn help promote optimal structures and forms of environmental sustainability (which in a cycle returns to help humans be continuously stable)?

49. The highly sought after solution that describes what is most necessary to return to a balanced and stable mode of humanity simply by being directly involved with children as the main priority in our lives in a few important incremental steps of which are all to be taken very seriously and worked on until what seems radical becomes normal as this is what is required of the human race to save itself is as follows:
Step 1. Put All Children First: Always think of all the children first before taking any action in the world (no matter what the situation/regardless of the following steps that deal with intimacy, importance of nudity, and complete acceptance of childhood sexuality. Note: This includes the children of Animals -to help them stay healthy, alive, and prevent extinction all the same.)
Step 2. Teachings of Intimacy: A) children learning how to be intimate with other children. B) adults learning how to be intimate with children (and vice-versa!) C) adults learning how to be intimate with other adults if they did not learn initially when they were a child.
Step 3. Nudity: covering the human body with clothing as little as possible to encourage a very real and natural 'back-to-basics' way of living through nudism.
Step 4. Children Playing and/or Playing with Children and Adults: experiencing the joy of life together, intimately when necessary, even when nude.
Step 5. Consensual Sexual Human Relationships: A) adults with adults B) children with children C) children with adults (avoiding penetration by the adult/larger human if necessary). Responsibly intimate, nude, and sexual as an optimal growing experience to keep humanity in equilibrium with all things.
-Do these steps sound respectable enough to be put into action?

50. Thank you for your time. At this point are there any questions that I have now asked that you think you could now ask to children/your children to retrieve more direct and personal feedback from these questions? Do you have any questions or comments for me in return? (Please see writing below as well.)

****Other notable topics that could have been included within this series of questions, which were withheld to keep interview as short as possible, though will be discussed in a larger format piece of written work (currently in progress) which will include all subjects previously inquired about (and then some) are as follows: Sustainability, Marriage, Divorce, Infantophilia, Hebephilia, Casual Sex, Pornography, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Home Schooling, Primitive Living, Consumerism, Media Influences, Online Dating, Teen Pregnancy, Virginity, Overpopulation, Capitalism, Teenage Puberty, Behavioral Problems, Patriarchal Culture, Politics, Misogyny, Racism, The Backfiring of Praising a Child, Issues with Children Caused by Lack of Sleep, Helping Mentally and Physically Disabled Individuals, Intersex Gender, The Actual Reasons Students Bring Guns to School Due to a Dysfunctional Government and Flawed Educational System Designed for Children, Youth Suicide, What Causes Children to Misbehave, Anti-Capitalist Parenting Books, Why Play is a Vital Component to a Child's Intellectual Development, Etc.

Feel free to repost or use these questions for your own research or needs in any way that you wish to help put all children first in the world so that we as humans may stabilize and save ourselves.

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