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Responses part 1

Posted by Hajduk on Saturday, April 09 2022 at 9:20:45PM
In reply to (?s): Pedotrophy/Humanitarianism/Sustainability☺҈۞ posted by Children First! on Friday, April 01 2022 at 11:35:32PM

I know you said try to answer at once, but I really cannot make you justice if I answer at once.

That said, so far some of the questions seem a bit repetitive to me. Maybe they could have been fusioned losing little to nothing.

The word for segregation already exists. It is apartheid.

I don't think apartheid goes on in the entire world. Although it does in the mostly Western and mostly Anglo Saxon countries from which we write and it is being actively promoted by institutions controlled from there into other places.

Pronz is very unreal but I would not entirely ban it. I would limit publicity of it and would designate spaces for it. To some degree that happens with sex shops and specialized theaters but essentially I would make them the only places for it.

Pronz wouldn't be the only case. I would do the same with drugs including pot and tobacco and with "public" sex. I wouldn't mind designated spaces for it. I think parts of Italy, IIRC, have sex allowed parks. I wouldn't mind some of those places but you can't do that elsewhere. Same for pronz itself and drugs.

On to questions:

1. I don't think that they are more interested than before. I think it is essentially a constant. But first, we now are more scandalized by sexual expression than we ever were and second, kids now do have many more open ways to research sexuality on their own and express it. For the most part those are unhealthy, but they are available. Combining the two it will seem that they're more sexual but I personally don't think so.

2. I have both asked and observed. I don't know if it is the prevalent culture and it very well may be. But they are for the most part not interested in romantic and erotic relationships with adults. Some age difference, well yes, but actual adults only when they are in their teens already. Now they are definitely interested in love, and to a discernible degree if you are not a denialist, in sex. In this sense the commodification of sex among adults makes this either less evident in children or channels kids into self destructive paths.

3. Teens a lot. Preteens a few times. Basically what it felt like, both love and sex. A little about safer sexual practices for the teens. Bear in mind most of my YFs are or were girls.

4. Yes they are. But overall, and I must say this is a generalization, how interested they are both in love and in explicit sex is correlated with age. As I said before: peers yes, a little age difference yes as they age, actual adults basically when they're already biologically, if not legally, adults. Still far from the "never" position peddled by the mainstream.

5. I think it is important that the option is open. I don't think it should be mandatory or anything like that, but it should be open. We are doing children a disservice by absolutely closing that door. Indeed leaving them more at risk of real abuse. Abusers are unlikely to follow social norms anyway.

6. Probably. I am not able to generalize but I can see that many times I would do that. Now if they need encouragement I think you're doing it wrong. Now guidance as to what to expect, yes. Probably help to conceal it from pesky others (which may be adults but may also be close to their age) but you would enter into legally ambivalent territories.

7. Yes. Sex releases neurotransmitters which make easier bonding even with people you don't have sex with. I mean by this loving sex. The industrial sex of the pronz industry destroys that. Also I believe some fetishes also negate this quality.

8. Yes.

8.5 Oral yes. Penetration is a tougher one because children have smaller orifices than adults, so maybe experiment first if it isn't hurting and if it isn't go ahead. If it is, there will be time. Why first an experiment? Because stopping in the middle is harder because of the adrenaline release.

9. Yes. But to define responsible is a can of worms. I would better answer yes and then if complaints are raised assess responsibility. Also complaints must be placed shortly after. It is wholly absurd how now adults place complaints over stuff that happened 20 or 30 or more years ago.

10. I don't know if it is "THE" solution but it will help immensely. I agree that for the most part their best interests are simply ignored and sometimes downright contradicted.

11. No. Health is but one of what makes everyone human. Everything in my view has to be considered by its own merits but not made the sole or overriding goal in life for everyone and as a whole.

12. Yes. Why? I think basically two things: we are grossly misinformed and culture pushes this in many ways; and we are too prone to choose easy paths regardless of consequences. If even personal consequences are not assessed, less so consequences for third parties. The further that third parties are, the worse. Again this is pushed for by culture.

13. No. And why not is easy. Teachers do not need to follow the best interest of students. Their interests are pay and tenure. Everywhere that I see they enforce this through powerful unions and laws that make them unaccountable. This is a problem with other subjects already. Adding this subject adds another way in which this is problematic. Self discipline leads to the same issue as previous, in a realm which intersects but is different.

14. Absolute nudity no. But I wouldn't mind and I think it would be overall positive to have specific places where nudity is allowed, even expected. We have resorts but that is more limited than I think would be ideal. I also think that kids being exposed to nudity child and adult through non explicit visual media would be helpful. Also for adults to demystify children bodies and even sexuality.

Another reason for non absolute is simply biological. Some places are too cold at least part of the year to go nude. Some places have too many disease carrying parasites which would thrive in exposed skin (mosquitos) or hair (lice). Finally, although sun is necessary for vitamin D, excessive exposure has cancer risks.

15. Honestly the writing is a little odd. More touching when obviously consented, yes. I don't really understand the rest.

16. Definitely. I've seen it had positive outcomes albeit in teens. I would add that safety should be emphasized and that in this society the utmost discretion also emphasized while openly informing that this need comes from predominant culture more so than inherent qualities of consensual physical and sexual encounters.

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