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Thank u for your time and thoughts so far Hajduk ~

Posted by Children First! on Sunday, April 10 2022 at 0:15:08PM
In reply to Responses part 1 posted by Hajduk on Saturday, April 09 2022 at 9:20:45PM

Yes, those symbols were all meant to be hearts. Lessoned learned.

I apologize for any redundancy you may think or feel that is found within the questions. I had noticed this slight issue myself before while editing, but I felt all questions were necessary to keep so that I am able to confirm someone's thoughts/emotions on a particular topic within such questions. Sometimes asking a question that is similar to a previous one may help to open up the mind to another perspective not previously conjured up before, and it is my duty here to retrieve as many perspectives as possible on specific topics. I know, it can be annoying. It's done on purpose to see how well people react and stick with their beliefs and go further with them or even change direction.

I also apologize for the number of questions in general, but all I can really say to that is I am limiting myself, and these questions I wish to see other people's opinions about are the most essential in helping me figure out how I will be writing about children in the future.

Your words and time mean a lot to me. Thank you so much for your help <3

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