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Too much to digest but....

Posted by gingerman23 on Saturday, April 09 2022 at 09:55:12AM
In reply to (?s): Pedotrophy/Humanitarianism/Sustainability☺҈۞ posted by Children First! on Friday, April 01 2022 at 11:35:32PM

That's a lot to digest. I think when it comes to underage sexuality. I think we should just be honest with kids. But shouldn't be brought up until they bring it up. Their sexuality should be a little discouraged. And if they are caught masturbating you should let them be but also be concerned. They could have been abused. But that brings me to this. I think if a kid learns it on their own and like it. It's fine. And it is fine if they want another adult to pleasure them under their choice. However, masturbating too young could lead to later sex addiction and porn addiction. It shouldn't be something done too much.
I do think kids should learn about sex and love and masturbation in a school setting. Instead of learning about it on their own through Google searches. From experience, I learned through google innocently. It lead straight to pornography. And the curiosity grew and lead to a child pornography addiction and a criminal record. I think nudity should be viewed differently. It should be ok to at least be naked on a beach or a warm place outside. We are taught that our bodies are ugly and need to be covered. That's my opinion at least. Because we arrest people for being naked in public and charge them with "indecent" exposure and some get put on a sex offender registry even. No nude pics or videos should be banned unless it is 100% guarantee sexual in nature. Which is almost the case I guess. But it should really use come down to what the person in the pics and videos think about it. A kid should be able to know if they like it or not. Same with child pornography.
If the kid approves of it and loves the video it shouldn't be illegal. But they should know if it is viral and many people possess it. If they don't mind. It should be viewed as legal to everyone. But I know it isn't easy to track videos and pics to know what the person in the video thinks.
However, kids may mind when they get older. Which I think it is best to make it illegal in some ways. But what about non-sexual videos and pics of kids being spread over the internet? Kids may be embarrassed from crying or whatever. So many parents post pics and videos of their kids that they most likely wouldn't like in the future. They don't ever get punished. But I get punished for having videos that could be less embarrassing in some ways. Videos of cute kids having fun being naked and express normal child sexuality and tease and playfulness.
But thousands of parents film their kids getting pranked and crying and falling and getting hurt. And laughing at their kids during embarrassing moments. I'm just saying that society is full of a bunch of hypocrites. Society calls us sick disgusting child abusers. When some parents famous on social media are also child abusers hurting and embarrassing kids.
For me, I think sexual intercourse shouldn't happen until you are married or can take care of a child. At least be very mindful of the fact that you could get pregnant. Even with pills and condoms and other contraceptives. I don't approve of abortions unless it is because of giving birth being possibly deadly or a woman is raped. Young people need to stay away from intercourse. It's not good to kill fetuses. It kind of isn't right to the soon to be baby. Therefore, I think we should keep all babies being born. By doing that, we need to avoid intercourse if you aren't capable of taking care of a child. Or have unwanted kids. It isn't fair to the kid. I support other sex activities with moderation. Because sexuality can be addictive.
As far as love and romance. I don't know how you can teach about love and romance. I guess you teach young people how to treat people. Being kind and respectable. Try not to date someone 100% how they look. Try to teach kids other things that make someone attractive. Our society teaches us, whether they realize it or not, that looks are what are best. That thin girls with nice boobs and a butt are attractive. Or that woman need makeup to be desirable. Or that big muscle men with an 8 inch cock are desirable. Rather than loving and falling in love through kindness and integrity and other things. But how do we really teach romance? How do we even know if we romantically like someone?
We need to teach more about how to communicate with each other. How to Express our sexual and romantic emotions. We need to have kids feel comfortable talking about romance and sexuality and other issues they have. Like some things you mentioned, we don't know how yo communicate anymore. Adults want to shelter their kids too much. And they don't want to talk to their kids about sexuality, attraction, romance, embarrassment, emotions and other things. Also I feel like we are an over sexual society. But it is interesting that we don't want to talk about sex. We don't want our kids to know about sex. At the same time we have sex on TV and the internet and in lots of music kids listen to. But don't want to discuss sexuality. And want to try to hide it. We shame men or women for having a porn collection. We shame men or women for masturbating and liking an attraction to children. And yet we want kids to have no sexuality. We arrest adults for being with kids who initiated the sex play. We support sexuality and condemn it at the same time. Lastly, I think pedophiles should be accepted if homosexuality is accepted now. We should be open to discuss sex with kids. Because from my experience. I never talked about sexuality and love and romance with my parents. I never been naked around other kids even. It's not good because it lead to too much curiosity about the female form. It makes me think nudity and sex are almost the same. If I was a kid running around with other naked kids, I wouldn't think that nudity means sex or washing in the shower only. This society should let kids have more freedom. We shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies. We shouldn't arrest and shame people and hate people because they are sex addicts or pedophiles or child lovers. I don't support a sex offender registry. I think people go down that dark sex route because of lack of communication and sexuality at younger ages. In conclusion, I do believe things should be handled differently when it comes to sexuality, sexual pleasure, love and romance, and nudity.

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