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I hate these...

Posted by TheMaddestHatter on Thursday, March 17 2022 at 04:59:07AM
In reply to look up LITTLE MISS TEXAS BEAUTY PAGEANT posted by hierophant on Tuesday, March 15 2022 at 8:15:09PM

I really despise Child Pageants, especially for how abusive they are. People will literally force them to dress up and wear makeup until they're literally sick of it, like they're nothing but fucking dolls. It's sickening.

A movie about pre-teen girls struggling in a hyper-sexual society that borderline demands sex appeal to have any form of validation is calling out this behavior and the big-wigs that are whining about it are offended by it because they're being exposed.

And if people dare doubt that Child Pageants are abusive, let me get some quotes from girls on "Toddlers and Tiaras."

"I'm happy I won, but I'm more happy for the McDonald's I get."

"Sometimes I wish I weren't famous and I was just a fish."

"Mom, you're making me look like a whore."

"I could care less about my beauty, I just want my pizza."

"It makes me happy when mommy cries."

"I don't even like dancing, I'm just here because my mom said she would buy me tacos."

"Sometimes, when people are rude to me, I pray they get run over by a huge truck."

"I don't wanna go on broadway, all I wanna do is stay home and eat chips."

"Cuties" is literally calling out this behavior and, in a way, shaming it. Girls should not have to constantly be sexual to feel validated in any sense, and I can tell you the damage it does, as I am an FtM and was very much raised by the idea that I need to be sexual to be worth anything to my partners, something that I still struggle with to this very day.

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