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Makes me think a little

Posted by gingerman23 on Friday, March 18 2022 at 10:50:38AM
In reply to I hate these... posted by TheMaddestHatter on Thursday, March 17 2022 at 04:59:07AM

We do live in a highly sexual society. But it also shames people that commit sex crimes. They are hypocrites. They shame me for having bad pics of kids. And yet their are music videos that are dirty and inappropriate. I grew up listening to songs about booty shaking and getting Bjs. It made my young self think that sex is cool. It was something I felt I absolutely needed to have girlfriends. So then I masturbated thinking that's just what you do. And since I had an attraction to kids I thought I needed child porn. But I found out that's the last reason I actually am attracted to them. That's just what attraction looks like when you watch music videos and even movies. That movie Cuties is just showing the reality preteen girls really face. When will we call out all the sex symbols preteen girls admire.

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