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Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, March 06 2022 at 0:51:36PM
In reply to There is no need to mention the Azov Batallion. posted by Plyushkin on Sunday, March 06 2022 at 11:46:53AM

The foreign minister of Israel visited Moscow, not Europe or the US (obviously I can see why he wouldn't go to Kyiv).

That is, he went to speak to an ally of declared enemies of Israel.

Honestly both sides should lose.

Both sides will lose, at that (direct casualties, displacement, economic crisis which is even harming countries on the whole planet that have nothing to do with this, and infrastructure destruction), but at a heavy price to people on both sides who didn't want war.

However whatever replaces both Putin and Zelensky will be more radicalized than either. Both sides will have lost a lot, and in both sides someone will blame the other for everything. Ukraine may still survive in its integrity. Russia won't. With so many places wanting to break away the coming falling of the current government will just empower them.

The Islamic world and China stand to gain from this disintegration.

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