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So you support Hitler/Putin

Posted by Plyushkin on Monday, March 07 2022 at 00:35:55AM
In reply to Generally speaking posted by Hajduk on Sunday, March 06 2022 at 9:10:11PM

Of course I did not read your message, I just saw the first sentence. Yes, those countries can be corrupt, but little by little they can become good members of EU.

You are an ultrarightist weirdo, I have known it for a few years now. How can you say even one word for Putin? There is nothing wrong with Ukraine in this situation, it is the victim and Putin is the aggressor. And if you criticize Ukraine in this situation, it means that you defend Putin. Period.

(I know that you secretly admire Putin, because he hates democracy even more than you.)

In my country (and largely in Europe) all the political parties have united in this question; I know only one politician in my country who disagrees. And he certainly is the lowest scum on the Earth!

In the past traitors like you were taken behind the cowhouse and shot, and it should happen to you too.

Don't you understand? In Europe we think that people like you should be shot.

I don't have any reason to read your ultrarightist, half religious messages in the future, and I will not continue this discussion with a fascist.

There is nowadays only one poster who keeps me here... and some new ones that have come from VoA, some humans, I mean... otherwise I would leave this site, this rightist cesspool, and stay at VoA.


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