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I'd check you with the Oliver Stone documentaries.

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 05 2022 at 04:22:28AM
In reply to Winter on Fire posted by sobakevich on Saturday, March 05 2022 at 02:22:22AM

Slimy John McCain handing out bread, and Victoria Nuland plotting the overthrow of an elected leader in 2014 (an election I believe to have been certified by outside observers at the time as fairly shenanigan-free? My memory ain't what it used to be, but pretty sure of it). She still pulls strings under Biden, btw. Lovely woman.


Well, sure, who wouldn't support that. OTOH, we're talking about a place where corruption pretty much rules, to the point where politicians in the West like to get themselves rich wading into that "other" swamp. Rumor even has it that western bio-weapons are even being researched there, given the "pliability" of regulating authorities there. Platitudes get you everywhere with people who don't research anything, however, so yelling "democracy!" or "independence!" seems to be music to the ears of the likes of Klaus Schwab and Soros, who are fully onboard with your viewpoint. For me, on the other hand, their positions are a pretty darned reliable clue of where the true and hidden fascism with global aspirations lie. My instincts are honed pretty well these days, but it is still good to have that gauge.

I hate to say it, but Ukraine is little more than a chess piece to many. Independence will not come from a McCain or Nuland plot any more than it will from Moscow stepping in. Unfortunately, at least from my perspective, the ultimate goal for global-power-minded entities is seizing Russia itself. The vast amount of territory and resources alone makes them salivate like a dog staring at a raw porterhouse steak. The continued encroachment of NATO to their borders blatantly violates signed treaties, and while I am first a supporter of western ideals in their non-corrupted form, I am able to see why the choices were made. It was the red line, and that line got ignored.

It would be foolish to think it got ignored without calculations. It is the focal point on the real-life RISK board between super powers, and the specific country doesn't really matter to either side other than terms of strategic significance, sorry to break it to you.

I'd also warn people as I always have, to get all versions of the "true" story. Both sides are censoring the other's versions of "facts" and this must be seen as a complete insult to everyone across the globe.

I have no connections to Ukraine. I have no interests there, other than perhaps their girls do tend to be very beautiful. I hope for minimal bloodshed and suffering. However, if I had to bare my honesty, it would be hope that the dice rolls would favor any opponents of those who wish and plot to control the entire globe, its resources, and its population.

Hate me all you want but that doesn't appear to be Russia to me, and I've never valued popularity here over truth as I see (or suspect) it to be. It's just a place to express anonymous views with hope that it helps in some way.


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