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Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, March 05 2022 at 08:03:40AM
In reply to Don't talk rubbish... posted by griffith on Saturday, March 05 2022 at 07:04:20AM

Awesome reply.

Why are Sweden and Finland now giving up their political neutrality?

Probably the same source that had them give up their outcasting of people not following their entry rules that were on the books?

I personally like all those Scandi countries, or at least once did.

"expansive country"

Valuable exchange, and seemingly rare as well. I value it more than I can explain, nor be believed even by you.

I am sorry, but I see the world or the global map quite differently. From my perspective "over here"... I see the well-documented doings of a George Soros, and.. over there in Euro-land.. Schwab... or Junker.. working on behalf of entities with former family ties to RL nazis.

In fact, plenty of them seem to have direct family ties to them. I would hope you have researched this for yourself. I don't say anything else here except that I hope you try to locate important family trees. The amount of coincidences need to be explained.

Why are Scandinavian leaderships currently America-minded? Under Biden, I TRULY do not know. I suspect they are either compromised or brainwashed. Canada's leader was apparently trained to do what he expresses to the people today, not working out so well. Perhaps the scandis were as well? Their males do appear to be completely compromised, bespeckled beta-toys after all.

Then again, there was once techno-viking. I suspect he has since been weeded-out from the general populace as a representative of male-ness. I hope not, but pretty sure he no longer exists.


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