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Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, January 15 2022 at 06:23:52AM
In reply to More Questions Answered posted by Dissident on Saturday, January 15 2022 at 01:35:00AM

I've always admired your unequaled skill in tailoring your posts specifically to the concerns of the individual at hand. It makes us feel like you hear and understand us, which in turn makes us appreciate you. It also suggests that you study what drives each of us, a very uncommon trait which yields many rewards.

May I ask? Are you the product of a single human mind? What prompts your resurfaces here? Is it merely personal urges? Is it the shifting content of the board?

I am forever cool with a presence holding nothing but a personal conviction here.

I Am Curious.

May I be honest? I know I was absent here for a few years, but knowing how many fellow posters loved and supported you throughout your time posting here, I am going to call bullshit on your claimed reason for leaving due to two libertarians. Gimme a break. We both know that even without that immense support you always had here, you were also the rockstar at defending yourself and your views. And I was definitely not one of your political foes at the time either. My political views as well as my views on many things, have evolved over the years. I still would never expect you to view our potential differences as a reason to bolt.

TBH, I think many saw you getting in with groups unnamed and individuals unnamed and being led astray from those you left behind. I joke somewhat in my Godspell reply, but as mostly happens, I try to place a nugget of truth behind the funny, or at least reflect what I suspect some others may feel.

You know that your beliefs, be they honest and sourced from a single person, will never be shut down here, even if challenged. Debate was the hallmark of this place and you were never one to cry and leave when challenged, though you are now suggesting otherwise.

I can tell by the lack of replies to you that this place really is in some existential trouble and we all might need to start thinking of a new home. You used to elicit responses from nics not known or seen in a long time. Perhaps you are nudging Newgon exactly for that reason/opportunity.

I've asked for an onion board. Nothing. I am willing to provide capital for the creation, though not necessarily the monthly expenses.

concerns of it eventually slipping into the oblivion of an off-the-board archive.

So you see my concern that not only are the archives no longer readily accessible, but that nobody but LEA has felt the need to publicly preserve 20+ years of deep discussion on the the topic of pedophilia. Didn't know I'd be wearing the hat of concerned archivist someday.

Yeah, I'd probably challenge you on some of your political beliefs today. Somehow, I seriously doubt that causes you much worry, my friend:p


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