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More Questions Answered

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, January 15 2022 at 01:35:00AM

Eeyore, I regret neglecting to respond to other queries you made prior to the last one from August of 2021, these from June of that year, that were likewise passed on to me.

I mean, like, the whole Marxist thing blew up so big, and yet Dissy still disappeared anyway. That so confuddles. me, provided that's an actual word, even as somebody experienced in message board saga stuff. I like that "confuddles" word either way.

I cannot have affable debates with my Libertarian friends here over the issue of Marxism, because they inevitably turn very nasty, as we disagree on some very fundamental points of economics and its connection with civil liberties that invariably get very heated, resulting in the usual number of insults being thrown out. Moreover, because of the numerous different political tendencies during the 20th century and into the 21st--the latest being the SJWs and the "woke" movement--attempting to use the terms Marxism, socialism, communism--for their own purpose, the term has become and misused and misunderstood as the word "pedophile." Just as the latter word has been misappropriate from its original clinical definition of adult attraction to pre-pubescents with no intended action or value judgment implied to becoming associated with child molesting and even murderous tendencies, so too the former has been taken from its original definition by Marx & Engels and appropriated and associated with all sorts of bad political movements throughout the 20th century into the 21st--from Nazism, to state-controlled Leninist/Stalinist/Maoist authoritarian regimes (e.g., the former Soviet Union and China), to "woke" third wave "feminism" and its rampant misandry--so that I'm accused of supporting all sorts of chicanery and warped policies that I have never supported, and which Marx and Engels certainly never did either.

It's actually very common for awful political groups to misappropriate political terms so they can present themselves to the public as something they are not, much as the SJWs misappropriate such words to an extreme extent to attempt to bamboozle the Left and Right alike that they support equality and democracy for everyone when in actuality they are very authoritarian in nature. I know that my Libertarian friends are aware of this old hat tactic, but they still persist in getting "confused" over what I actually believe to mis-associate my ideology with bad political tendencies that in actuality I agree with them are bad. If it's done deliberately (as I suspect), then that is very dirty pool, and they should strive to be above that. One of them said in their defense this mis-interpretation wasn't deliberate, and he does that because due to how the terms "Marxism" and "socialism" etc have been used for numerous different tendencies over the past century he "cannot make heads or tails" of what I actually believe. However, I have explained classical Marxism to them numerous times and contrasted it with the other tendencies appropriating its name numerous times and IMO they are more than intelligent enough to figure it out and debate me based on what I actually believe without also accusing me of supporting all the bullshit from the Soviet Union that came from Lenin and Stalin, not Marx and Engels.

I left twice before during this in part because two Libertarian friends in particular decided to endlessly argue with me about that non-stop, with all the usual insults and misinterpretations of my actual beliefs thrown into the mix, to the point where they ceased focusing on the issues that concern us on the board which we are generally united upon even during a time when a few of the most flagrant anti-choicers in our community were simultaneously posting their rhetoric here, including against me. Yet, they preferred putting their energy into endlessly fighting with me over the Marxist vs. Libertarian issue and insulting me over it rather than devoting any sizable portion of that energy against the anti-choicers and defending me from their usual insults. This made me feel very unwelcome here and GC to no longer feel like home to me, as if it was no longer acceptable that I differed with my friends on political views that have nothing to do with the main theme of this board and which they tolerated for many years prior.

As for the term "confuddled," it seems a variation on "confuzzled," a word I adopted here many years ago after getting it from a certain individual whom I would rather not mention.

I swear, Diss never should have subjected himself to Tom's holding-of-court. I lurked there ever so briefly and winced when I saw him get schooled and skewered, which I think sent Dissy awry, even though I do nevertheless admire a few of of O'Carroll's holy pontificates.

On the one hand, I fully understand that my tendency towards making essays instead of mere posts (to put it that way) could be a nightmare for Tom to deal with as the sole moderator of that site. I could therefore see his point when he complained, so I tried to remedy that; I was not always successful, however, especially when I was getting into it with other posters who likewise hit me with very lengthy diatribes. However, I fully concur with you that Tom would take his understandable points a bit too far compared to how far he didn't take it with other posters with a tendency towards lengthiness. I would get particularly irked back at him when I would put a lot of thought and hours of effort into a response and all he would have to say in response was a very annoyed admonishing of its length. However, I "subjected" myself to it a few times and continue to post there because overall I greatly respect Tom's courage, intelligence, and efforts against decades of constant attacks by the powers that be in the West on behalf of a demographic and topic whose extreme thanklessness and risk is exceeded only by its ballsiness and importance.

To avoid continued clashes and a potential serious falling out with Tom over the factor of my lengthiness (considering how nasty he sometimes gets about it, which sometimes push my own temper to the limit and may thus color my response to him), I decided to post responses to comments on his blog that I feel I cannot justifiably cut down to a dinky size on GC and provide a link to his blog, so his followers can still read them and Tom can do so himself at his leisure without having to moderate them himself. Now that Newgon is back up, I will likely post my responses there instead, not only to get more traffic from there over to Tom's terrific blog, but because on Newgon my posts have the opportunity of being put into a full essay that will be forever accessible on the site with no concerns of it eventually slipping into the oblivion of an off-the-board archive.

But still, stop punching up, brother. Just tell your own truth and let the cards fall where they may. High education often is accompanied by extreme per-existant narcissism, or in other, unrelated cases, probably schizophrenia (at least over here in MY former Latin America experience). Either way though, sincerely dude.. don't let the bastards bring you down.

For what it may be worth, they haven't done so yet. I don't consider Tom one of those bastards, but he and I can be bastards to each other at times :P


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