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Oh I could already forgive him..

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, December 24 2020 at 06:01:32AM
In reply to Nobody is perfectly good, nor perfectly evil posted by Hajduk on Wednesday, December 23 2020 at 4:19:07PM

It sounds like his dad was probably a major negative influence, but I am presumptive and don't know anything beyond what the MSM is feeding me, so it's only a hypothetical.

FTR, I didn't consider your bad chat acts with me personally, nor your money hustling acts with others (both in the past) to be a reflection of your essence personally. Especially not in this clarity year of 2020. I honestly don't.

However, your defenses of him seem to ignore the other claims I've not verified that he (Larson, the real life guy) promoted rape and wanton misogyny. If true, do you already know this part about him?

I know people from all sorts of perspectives as well. Not all of whom I might have gotten friendly with had I known their various proclivities prior to meeting them. But.. that's part of trying to have a social life. You just have to deal with new knowledge later, and try to figure out if you want to keep people in your life, or if you need to let them go for the sake of your own sanity/survival.

I don't quite get your LGBT comparison, Hajduk (recently saw the name of some actress with last name Hajduk and thought of you), but I will say that while not all "proper" (however defined) behavior can be known when such a love is illegal, there should still be some sort of basic moral clarity available (asking too much in 2021?) to know for certain that promoting rape and things like (unwanted) sexual humiliation are wrong, and wrong to the point of being a verified POS if you're into that. You can still be into that, but just know where you stand for it on the hierarchical ladder, and don't try to jockey a higher ladder wrung out of it when times appear to change. Some things are hard to change for a reason. And some are even harder to change for a reason even more universal. Such as, yeah, forcible rape is probably due to some affliction you suffered, rather than some inert affection you discovered.

(Now I've met enough of these to know it's usually an overbearing mum that gets the sexually expressed retribution going, but I'm open to also accepting it can come from an idolized dad who was into the same stuff.)

And I don't know anything for sure.


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