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Overall agreed

Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, December 24 2020 at 3:44:43PM
In reply to Oh I could already forgive him.. posted by Eeyore on Thursday, December 24 2020 at 06:01:32AM

To some degree everyone is a product of their personal history, and I can't really discard that as an influence on his character.

I'm myself so involved with many Girls partly in the expectation that I can make a positive difference for them.

My claims about behaviors and affirmations are twofold. One: you cannot know if he would have a better character if his predilections for underage girls were legal. I honestly believe that illegality makes many of us (GL and BL alike) behave worse than we naturally would. Two: in his case, as well as that of many other people, I get the impression that at least some of his statements are and were made for shock value. "All publicity is good publicity" and he acted upon that by saying stuff which he knew would be not PC and thus more covered in media than if he was heterosexual, sexually vanilla, or politically mainstream.

Certainly, I may be wrong in any of these or all of these.

But.. that's part of trying to have a social life. You just have to deal with new knowledge later, and try to figure out if you want to keep people in your life, or if you need to let them go for the sake of your own sanity/survival.


FTR, I didn't consider your bad chat acts with me personally, nor your money hustling acts with others (both in the past) to be a reflection of your essence personally. Especially not in this clarity year of 2020. I honestly don't.

I'm not one to make excuses. All I will say is that I have changed and I keep changing hopefully for the better. There are many things involved in this and I won't discuss them in the public board. If you're interested in hearing from me I would be willing to sign up for an email address for GC because I have always and still consider you an ally and companion in this journey. If you're not, it's fine by me too. GC Chat is not an option; it's been made clear that I won't be allowed back anytime soon, and I can accept it. I'm researching the "free speech" socnets but I would understand if you wouldn't want us to add each other on them: it would be de facto mutually coming out and that is not an easy step, which I completely understand and won't object to at all.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Boxing Day and New Year!

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