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nah, understood

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, December 25 2020 at 9:59:15PM
In reply to Overall agreed posted by Hajduk on Thursday, December 24 2020 at 3:44:43PM

I'm willing to correspond or converse with anyone that I believe really is what they claim to be. What I never do is post a way to contact me where lurkers can take note. I wasn't aware you got kicked out of chat, but I'm sure it wasn't over trying to harm or out others.

I choose not to be out, if for no other reason than my vision of whack-jobs trying to set my home on fire while I'm sleeping. There's also that being able to make a living at a decent job thing, but I promise not to cry about how hard it is like how it's hard to be gay when they have parades and clubs and party houses on Fire Island (is that still even a thing?).

I don't need an explanation. The struggle is real, for all of us, and we can all change for the better or the worse and back again over time. We either learn to live with a label of hatred, or we self-medicate, or.. we delude ourselves into thinking a plot to hustle a young girl away from her family through airports is a sane decision that will bring us a lifelong relationship full of eternal bliss.

I'm not against speaking with you privately. You'd have to get someone to send me a memo in the chat or have them ask for email address there. Don't post your contact info publicly. I won't reply if you do.


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