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Nobody is perfectly good, nor perfectly evil

Posted by Hajduk on Wednesday, December 23 2020 at 4:19:07PM
In reply to Agree in theory, but... posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, December 22 2020 at 06:26:03AM

Give me one example of someone you think is a POS and if you research them enough you will find good traits and acts. And vice versa; give me someone you think is awesome and if you research them enough you will find bad traits and acts.

Assuming it's true that he had a teen travel across the U.S. to have teh sekhs with her (which I am not going to deny given the available information) that makes him careless, maybe even downright stupid. It doesn't inherently make him evil. Moreover, again, and it should be obvious; how is any adult in Merka supposed to meet underage girls for a relationship, in an era where such a thing is both highly illegal and highly socially frowned upon? Would he have resorted to this if he could openly date a teen in his block or at least his city? I doubt it. You cannot consider significative how pedos (or hebes) behave if we're illegal. It shouldn't even be hard to understand, not now that we in the West are well aware of LGBT issues. How LGBT behaved when they were illegal is not at all how they behave now they're accepted.

He's a White Sup? So what? I'm not White (I guess I'm more White than anything else; but given my origins are mixed, I'm not White by U.S. census criteria) but I'm also not going to gnash my teeth because someone is a White Sup. Political ideologies are only one trait among all the traits people have. Staying in the issue of race, I have RL friends who are anti Semitic and RL friends who are very pro Israel. I have RL friends who support Kosovo and others who support Serbia; some who support Catalonia and some who support Spain; some who are pro open borders and some who are against. Otherwise I have RL friends who are Christian theocratic and RL friends who are pro LGBT and pro abortion. I have RL friends who are anarcho capitalist and RL friends who are Marxist. I am Calvinist but I have friends who are Atheist, Catholic, Muslim, and Hindu. And so on and so forth.

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