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You made me smile

Posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, October 21 2020 at 1:49:55PM
In reply to Who needs pictures when we have your posts? posted by luckless on Wednesday, October 21 2020 at 0:50:45PM

Unfortunately, all I have left now, is those memories. But, yeah, no picture nor video can ever compare to that.

I think you have described our "condition" quite well. You are right: I never looked at Her as closely as I look at a photo of Her. But, then, I can never feel Her warmth from a photo of Her. No photo can let me breathe in the whiffs from the soapsuds in Her hair as we had showered. So, too, as you described, in the real experience, I never studied those translucent hairs on Her arms as intently as I can from Her photo.

So goes life, I suppose. Thanks for sharing the point of view. A good one.


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