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Who needs pictures when we have your posts?

Posted by luckless on Wednesday, October 21 2020 at 0:50:45PM
In reply to Pausing for a moment posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, October 21 2020 at 06:21:53AM

Men are more visual than women, they say.

That statement is both sexist and not true for everyone. Sometimes, though, I feel as if images are as good and sometimes even better than the real thing in certain ways.

When you are spending time with a person you are interested in, you are preoccupied with a lot of thoughts. Babysitting a baby or tot, my first thought when glancing at the round of their shapely rear end is not 'wow, hot ass', it is usually more like 'I better check if that diaper is clean'. With older kids your attention is beset by things like ... what to say in a conversation. With tots, as I mentioned, you would probably be more focused on their basic needs (sustenance, hygiene, etc) and comfort than their physique.

Pictures/videos allow you to focus on said physique instead. With HD images is it especially easy to get lost in the intricate detail of what you would not even notice or even be able to see with the naked eye. Like those fine tiny translucent hair kids have on their bodies that make them seem hairless when infact they are not.

The awesome thing about being a pedophile is that images that appeal to us are often way more candid and natural compared to photos of adult models for instance. Pics of kids (atleast legal ones) also leave a lot to the imagination. This is a good thing since it guards us from things like porn addiction.

There is a video essay on youtube (a TED if I recall) that lays out the negative effects of having porn at our fingertips. Ofcourse this doesn't apply to law abiding pedos. In the same way that the convenience of fastfood is conducive to the rise in western diseases like diabetes and obesity, so too the ease of access to media, from tiktok cat videos to adult porn, has our brains unnaturally flooded with those fancy neurotransmitters you mentioned. And with it the rise of incels. Why go through the effort of dressing up to go to a bar, when pornhub is just a click away?

From my understanding, illegal images and CBA was very hard to come by before Tor, and even harder before the www. (I could be wrong. Maybe playtoy magazines were sold at adult video stores in some countries?). Since young people are most vulnerable to internet addiction, my generation and yours are lucky to have not had that level of convenient access.

In the long run it is more satisfying to me to go to a park to see kids, or arrange a playdate with my yf, instead of couch-potatoing down some youtube rabbit hole every weekend. I attribute this mindset to the fact that during my teen years in SA I did not have fast internet or easy access to porn.

Exploring flickr is reserved for cold winter days when I really have nothing better to do.

Perhaps you disagree. After all, you have more experience with being intimate with someone you were attracted to. Im sure no picture or video could ever compare to that experience.

When I see someone beautiful,
I tend to stare.

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