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Concept. Yes. Im fully familiar

Posted by luckless on Wednesday, October 21 2020 at 6:11:47PM
In reply to Regularly posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, October 21 2020 at 4:22:13PM

Do you not become very nervous or self conscious when touched that way by that special person you want to impress?

Maybe it is just me. When kids become physically affectionate with me (not sexually), I become very self-aware, even tactile defensive. I need to work on that. This week ... ugh nevermind. Im reluctant to share this with you here but..

This week a boy lay in my lap in the backseat of my car. I was in heaven.

I realise this is girlchat, but im sure you dont mind me talking about boy kids right?

He is autistic, and like me, he is not at all keen to touch anyone, even his parents. So the fact that he finds comfort by using me as a pillow means a great deal to me.

Gimwinkle, im slowly falling in love with this kid, even though Im trying very hard not to.

When I see someone beautiful,
I tend to stare.

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