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Political Child Love over Real Child Love?

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Monday, September 07 2020 at 10:47:03PM

I've seen this far too many times.

There's too many members in our ranks who are using political ideologies and the like just because they think those ideologies best fit advancing our cause. To an extent, this is fine. But many of these people refuse to say anything against said ideologies, or in favor of others, just to further "the cause" (whatever that may be).

I'm not much for politics, nor apologetics. Say what you REALLY believe, not what you think you have to say just to continue being a poseur or get people to like you. Maybe honesty is a winner?

I've been told by someone once close to me, who knows a lot about the community, that members in our ranks are doing THESE VERY THINGS. Oh well. I'm not hatin'. Funny thing is, recently it's come to light that he's using this method as well! My oh my. The extent of human hypocrisy and corruption never ceases to amaze me. And even, amuse me.

I'm going to continue saying what I REALLY BELIEVE. I'm not going to lie or tell half-truths just to further any kind of cause.

For example, saying that "Circumcision is worse than rape" may actually be damaging to the "Intactvist" movement, but it's still true. So I will continue to say it. I'm going to continue to preach in favor of the rights of men and children no matter what. I'm going to tell the truth, according to what I know and feel.

If people can't handle the truth, that's their problem.

I'm GL_in_lyrics. What you see is what you get!

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