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Posted by Newt on Thursday, September 10 2020 at 02:24:03AM
In reply to An example posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, September 09 2020 at 01:48:25AM

Hello :-)

Thank you. I don't like talking about feminism, but I'll make a brief response with my views.

Feminism is good for society as long as there's inequality. Genders can not be equal, of course, but professional skills should not be rated on gender basis. Violence should be strictly forbidden, no matter the gender. What I dislike are feminazis that expect the husband (boyfriend, or even male friend) to buy them dinner, gift, etc., while raging on about equal rights. Those are not equal rights, that's once again domination of one gender over another.

As I'm in an EU country (and I guess your post refers to USA), we have plenty of options to choose from. I don't have to settle for one of two parties. When I choose, I will never say that the party is 100% correct in their stance. I publicly support their social liberal stance (for example), while deriding their other policies that I don't like.

I agree that there can't be a party that I 100% like unless I form one. And the members will then vote out some crucial policies so I'm no longer satisfied even with the party I created. There is no "perfect political party", and probably will never be. But you can lean towards parties that you agree with the most. However, saying that they are infallible and perfect is beyond common sense.


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