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The Problem

Posted by Nadine on Wednesday, September 09 2020 at 0:33:26PM
In reply to Apologies... sort of posted by GL_in_lyrics on Wednesday, September 09 2020 at 01:58:23AM

I wish people wouldn't condemn me for telling the truth, or at least, telling what I believe to be the truth.

You have to accept that what you believe to be the truth may, in fact, not be the truth. And when you claim your opinions are the absolute truth so... let's say "passionately", then you can be sure there's gonna be people disagreeing and engaging (not condemning) with you.

Ya'll can use whatever tactics you want, I just wish I was respected for doing the same.

You mean respected for insulting and mocking anyone who disagrees with you? Not gonna happen, I'm afraid.

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