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Instead of hating Nazis, why don't you adopt the

Posted by Leucosticte on Wednesday, July 29 2020 at 2:51:10PM

mentality of Ernst Röhm?

Ernst Röhm decided to work within the Nazi system to accomplish his agenda of gay and pederast rights. The key to his success was that he pitched what he wanted (a bunch of boys going around in short shorts, and having relationships with older men, under his leadership) as part of the Nazi program. Yeah, it all ended in his getting stabbed up, but he had a pretty good run, and at any rate, it might have gone better for him if he hadn't pushed so hard for the socialist part of the Nazi agenda.

A girllover advocate could potentially prosper a lot more within the Nazi system, by saying, "We need girls to learn to be sexually submissive from a young age." There's some truth in that, in that the girl's mentality or personality is shaped by her early experiences. If women's purpose is to serve men, especially in the sexual way, then why not put them to use in this capacity starting in childhood? Even the antis will say that the source of harm to little girls from sex with adult men is from when they find out when they're older that it's wrong; so society simply needs to not say that it's wrong, and then there won't be a problem.

Nazis favor order and hierarchy. So, in pitching girllove to them, it just needs to be presented as a way in which order is restored to relations between the sexes. When girls learn that sex with their owner brings them attention and other things they want, then they learn their proper place in the social order, and they become more manageable. That fits in with the whole Nazi agenda of using females as homemakers and baby factories.

What people neglect to remember about the Nazis is that what paved the way for their rise to power was that Germany was in a bad situation. Germany was dealing with a wrecked economy and a bunch of burdensome reparations obligations. They were forbidden to have much of a military, and they were dominated by a bunch of reds who wouldn't let people speak freely.

It's not that much different from the current situation in Weimar America. There's obvious mismanagement going on, with the Covid crisis's resulting in the shutdown of the economy over what is essentially just a flu. Free speech on the Internet is being muzzled more than we've ever seen before. Leftists are fomenting riots and saying the white man is the bad guy responsible for everyone's problems (as though anyone forced George Floyd to resist arrest).

Also, relations between the sexes have deteriorated; there are a lot of incels and femcels out there. We hear of a lot of women craving domination, to the point that they go to porn sites looking for rape porn. People's basic physical and emotional desires are being neglected.

When people see that kind of stuff going on, they say, "We need a leader who's going to restore order to society; someone who will reverse the cultural decay and create a healthy hierarchy where everyone has a place where they can be happy (with the exception of those who will never cooperate in good faith; they go to the concentration camps)."

If you don't like Nazis, then you shouldn't let society get to the kind of point it's at now, or where it was in the Weimar era, where people are miserable because the social structure is dysfunctional and chaotic. At least there was a rhyme and a reason to Nazism; it had a consistent organizing principle to it. If you look at contemporary family law, you don't really see anything like that, other than a pervasive idea of, "No matter what happens, it's men's fault, and men need to be held accountable, even though this system also deprives men of authority and power to actually exercise the control they would need to make sure the family is running properly."

When you have an unsatisfactory system, and people realize that Jews have a pretty powerful position within that system, then people are going to end up blaming the Jews, and turning to Nazism. You can't really say that Jews don't dominate our current order, when they're the one group that no one (not even Trump) feels free to criticize, outside of a few free speech ghettos.

A lot of girls would like to be firmly taken in hand the way they were under the Nazis. And it's an appealing system to men too, especially if they notice how much the Nazis improved Germany's situation. After losing World War II, Germany and Japan were able to bounce back and win the peace, because their human capital was not destroyed. People realized, the approach used after the first World War, of humiliating the defeated, didn't pay off too well. Germany and Japan were allowed into the G-7, and today Germany has achieved its dream of dominating Europe via its role in the EU. So basically Hitler achieved most of what he wanted, although now there are problems with feminism wreaking a lot of havoc, so we may see the far right take control again, to deal with that.

• ( https link ) The Normal Chaos of Family Law

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