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I haven't been following US medical politics

Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, July 31 2020 at 5:01:22PM
In reply to Learn how to make splints. posted by hierophant on Friday, July 31 2020 at 10:08:47AM

You might need it if you break a leg on the weekend as the "free" clinic is closed on weekends.

If you mean our "free" clinics up here, no. The hospitals are open 24/7. The walk-in clinic (across the street from my kids' home) is open from 8 am until 11 pm, M-F. And, I have a family physician who follows my medical situation closely. (Plus, she's gorgeous for a doctor!)

Because of my age, (I'm old now), I've had many medical procedures done including cataract surgery (two different eyes), cancer surgery (I beat it), two different MRI's, a whole body x-ray, three of four specialists studying my blood thing (nothing bad, just need to watch some sort of unobtainium levels in case I get ... something...) And a couple months ago, (when covid 19 was in full swing up here), I was hit by a car while in the goddam crosswalk. I was x-rayed on my foot two hours later. No broken bones. Yes, it was going to swell up and yes, I was going to lose my toenail. The idiot's car insurance paid for my crutches and any meds I would need (I declined the painkillers.) Two weeks later, I called my Cutie-pie family doctor and complained that the swelling had not gone down yet. I got an appointment for an ultrasound 30 minutes from my call (got postponed until a couple hours after that.) (Update: swelling is gone now.)

My daughter is expecting now and she's been to the prenatal clinic three or four times with ultrasounds each time. (I'd share the pictures but, well, you know, the rules here.) Last week, "It's a boy!" (How the hell did they know that? ;) Anyway, all free.

My total cost (for the past 20 years) of my medical expenses is $15 every three months for my blood pressure and thyroid pills. Oh, and $25 for a fancy cane that I could have asked that insurance company for but I forgot to make the call.

My brother, in the States, needed an MRI on his ear. $4,000 just for one MRI! Dammmm! With all kinds of co-payments and non-coverages and stuff, he can't afford insurance so that's why the $4,000 bill hit him. I told him to emigrate to Canada but he said that there wasn't any room up here for him because I AM HERE.

So, for Canadians, we have excellent health care and we don't pay for it individually. Yes, our sales tax is around 13% and income tax is about 15%. And, our inventory of aircraft carriers is about 11 less than the U.S. current inventory... of 11. We don't have a big military because nobody wants to invade us. (We welcome emigrants because we actually need them to keep out population UP!) We don't have a huge highway system because, well, we don't have too many places to go to.

I hope all you Americans enjoy your aircraft carriers. :)


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