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It's historical...

Posted by jd420 on Wednesday, July 29 2020 at 8:00:33PM
In reply to Instead of hating Nazis, why don't you adopt the posted by Leucosticte on Wednesday, July 29 2020 at 2:51:10PM

Around the 1890s, they began imposing a charming English crime known as the school system, which has such a charming history in places such as Scotland or Norway or the north coast of Russia - or for that matter, Alberta, British Colombia, Ireland...

In the 1910s, it switched over to child labor/age of consent ("no escape"), and Prohibition, legally mandating people to both use a more inefficient fuel than what people could make for free, but also providing cover for a large degree of racial violence. New York fell in 1920 (no more town meeting), and remains a base of attack on Europe to this day. Meanwhile, they withdrew to California and knocked over both Japan amd Germany, of which the latter is VERY open record. Meanwhile,, the alliance, friendship, and cultural exchange between these two regions in the modern era has more to do with the 1830s than the 1930s.

Eventually, short-term victory in the Great Patriotic War gave us a temporary paradise - one which ended around the time someone figured that everopme who had fought was probably at least retired. Meanwhile, the heading of the UN by the Oberlieutenant responsible for the ethnic cleansing of eastern europe provided perfect cover for a little death and eradication. Oh, also the world's first anti-CP legislation, which prevents portraying those dirty drunken irish or swedish or finnish or whoever the fuck is running a sweat.

...unless they were portrayed as entirely forcibly sterilized, which is what happened from 1947 to, umm... we'll pretend it ended in the 2010s with unrealistic optimism. Sweden, Peru, Canada...

So there's a bit more there, and the crafting movements of the 1800s are an interesting glimpse of English-on-English violence. Meanwhile, the small-timers are only useful as dots in a clustered activity report tracking and bear no actual signifigance. It's an astoundingly low-functioning english mining and drug trafficking organization which has likely lost several of its contacts at whitehall of late - and I've pretty much ensured that an iodine navy or any tunnels a mining corporation has dug over the past thousand years don't have any importance at all... which is good, because we were pretty close to a state-launched bunker incident. Such parties are currently no longer signifigant.

Frankly, I'm rather surprised you like them, since they have a penchant for treating little blonde nordic people like shit.


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