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How do white nationalists explain why, despite

Posted by Leucosticte on Monday, July 06 2020 at 7:29:34PM

being only 60% of the U.S. population, whites are 83% of child porn arrests?

Normally, white nationalists will point out statistics about how other races are more likely to commit crimes or other undesirable behavior, as a way of showing white racial superiority. E.g., that's most of the content of the Library of Hate.

Are they going to say that whites are unfairly targeted for CP investigations and prosecutions? By that logic, the statistics on black criminality could also be explained by unfair targeting of blacks for investigation and prosecution of other crimes.

Are they going to say that whites are more likely to commit non-contact sex offenses as a substitute for contact sex offenses, and that this makes whites better? By that logic, they should advocate for more lenient CP penalties, compared to those for contact sex offenses; but I don't hear white nationalists advocate this. Instead, they just say that all pedophiles of any race should get the rope.

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