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Couldn't have said it better myself

Posted by Neutrino on Wednesday, July 08 2020 at 1:26:56PM
In reply to Rofl - 'quick' posted by luckless on Monday, July 06 2020 at 8:41:04PM

But if Leucosticte reads this ...

Like Jussie Smollett's "This is maga country!" racist attackers, and Babba Walace's noose pranksters, the "white nationalists" you describe do not exist.

Normally, white nationalists will point out statistics about how other races are more likely to commit crimes or other undesirable behavior, as a way of showing white racial superiority.

No. They point out violent crime statistics, not white collar or victimless crimes. "White nationalists" don't deny cp addiction is more common among white males, nor are certain other white collar crimes. And they don't do this to show white superiority. They believe Europeans can build wonderful cities and societies, but they can't if people stop 10 times a day to pray to Allah to remind themselves that we're all just dust in the wind, and years of planning and hard labor can be completely destroyed in a day or two by angry people with molotov coctails. "White nationalists" believe different peoples should be allowed to do what they do best.

Are they going to say that whites are unfairly targeted for CP investigations and prosecutions?

No. This is a tactic of the left. "White nationalists" understand and respect non-biased statistical reality. They know that on average, black people are more athletic, Japanese study harder, Asians work more hours, and Brazilians have closer family ties than white people. I've never seen a "white nationalist" bitch and complain about white people being prosecuted for crimes which they are guilty of. They complain about white people being persecuted for crimes which they are innocent of.

Are they going to say that whites are more likely to commit non-contact sex offenses as a substitute for contact sex offenses, and that this makes whites better?

No. They believe pornography of any kind is unhealthy for families and society. Leave It To Beaver is an ideal to be strived for, but never achieved, in the eyes of "white nationalists".


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