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shameless political post

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, May 31 2020 at 02:23:22AM

I can't speak for anybody else's vision for us, but unlike the LGBT movement (or whomever has been in control over it), my vision for us does not include the destruction of the family unit. In my own "better future reality" we are simply a compliment to it, for kids who are currently seriously in need of a little extra help and guidance and love.

Believe me, I have no illusions that those who hate us would ever be swayed by such a proclamation. I'm not stupid. Nevertheless, it's still my honest position. I'm not on board with all this weird Marxist Communist stuff, and yes, I also happen to generally like today's Russia. FTR, I'm not in their pocket, and I have zero connections to them.

I grew up in a fairly comfortable suburban environment for which my parents had to work extra hard to achieve from their own dicey beginnings, and they did it with hard work and belief. I really want to believe we can return to that social contract.

Man, I've been through the left wringer while utterly despising the Bush years more than almost anyone. Back then I DID NOT, and *still* DO NOT trust the MSM. I hate to say, I gave a little thumbs up to Atlanta yesterday for the CNN stuff, even though I know it wasn't for my reasons. Those 17 years ago they were cheer leading the invasion of Iraq, and have been pumping their race-baiting since 2015, a ploy that they'd hoped would get Hillary Clinton into office. No illusions that they got stomped for any of MY reasons, but still good to see it turn back on them.

Anyway, to me, Bushes and Clintons were both two sides of the SAME elitist coin. I have SEEN what the mainstream media has done over the last 17+ years, and they have ZERO loyalty to the PEOPLE, ..of the US specifically, and the West generally. THEY LIEEEE.... Do you get it yet? THEY LIEEEEE. How many more years will it take for you to realize that their support or contempt for you DOES NOT INDICATE THEIR LEVEL OF ALLEGIANCE to your concerns? They exist to work ALL sides like puppets, to the advantage of their elitist masters alone. They employ those who know exactly what's going on, as well as hard-working but conveniently naive suckers. Both types are equally valuable to their true masters.

So the quicker a few of you wake up to the fact that this is not a Left versus Right problem, but an elitist versus common people problem, the sooner your eyes will open up to the horror that lies before all of us. Donald Trump may be a crude bull in a china shop, but he is not the enemy. The a-hole cop displayed for you in grand fashion is not the enemy. The white man is not the enemy. The enemy is still hiding in shadows and pulling puppet strings to his own benefit. He and his ancestors have been manipulating this game far longer than any of us have even been aware of it, and some of you had better wake up to it before it quite literally kills you.

Oh, and the real enemy? He's always been able to entertain any bizarre whimsical sexual fantasy he can conjure up, with no worry at all about legal consequences. Jeffrey found this out the hard way, didn't he.

How deep, the rabbit hole!


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