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you're entitled to it.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, June 02 2020 at 04:13:09AM
In reply to I have written elsewhere, posted by Human on Monday, June 01 2020 at 06:10:04AM

My view is that the Left has been co-opted by feminism (which considers girl love a patriarchal footnote easily and rightly destroyed), and Marxist and Communist beliefs which consider things like girly-girls, masculine boys, and any traditional family structure to be anathema to their goals.

Right now, "The Left" is Antifa, wearing surgical masks as political statements and breaking stuff, hijacking a race war that universities and the mainstream media has been obsessively pushing for five years, but honestly longer than that on a lesser scale. Their overseers didn't like the results of an election which threw a wrench into the gears of their plans for a takeover which didn't include our kind, so my question would be, why support it anyway?

I was there once. They left me behind. Now all I see is manipulation, idiocracy, and lifted insincerity geared toward desperate destruction as a final solution. I believe it's going to fail and fail hard because of that insincerity. It's just what I believe. Time is going to prove us right or wrong.

And yes, many of the same things go on at the other end of the spectrum, by ultra-wealthy business tycoons who have wanted to use the people and sap every last cent out of them for their own profits, also not giving a damn about culture or traditions for everyone else, so long as it lines their own pockets and gives them the same lording power over the weak and feeble masses as the other side secretly seek.

So what can I say? I choose what to believe on any given issue, and I accept that anyone else who thinks also does not have views which fit perfectly into any political group. The people who blindly follow an entire checklist of positions are the true problem, at least to me.

I'm just looking for those natural leaders Baldur mentioned on either side who exhibit real and righteous qualities, and are not secretly in pockets of those with even bigger bucks and power than themselves. Pipe dream? I still hope not.

Past posts show if we were wise or foolish. I think it's dumb to feel hurt by beliefs that disagree, because in the end it's dialogue is where things get discovered. So let's all agree to think for ourselves and never to to twitter-rize this place.


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