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Rape is not that big of a deal!

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, April 12 2020 at 11:09:13PM

Before I begin, let me state that I don’t like rape, and I do agree that it is a human rights abuse. Where I disagree is with how big of a deal society makes it out to be, under our feminist warlords, via the religious Illuminati.

Rape is quite natural. It’s unfortunate, but to a large extent we, as a species, need to GET OVER IT. Yes, there are a lot of things which happen to be natural that are not okay, either. But before I get anyone started... murder is NOT one of those things. Most species murder their own only quite rarely, if at all. But murder is not beneficial to us in 99% of cases. Rape has been. Yes, really. It’s part of procreation and without it, sorry to say – many of us would not be here.

It’s not me, nor pedophiles, nor all males that need to take blame for our dead-God’s mistake of how he created the universe, and specifically – US. My point is that human beings, as a species, need to start understanding our nature, and not condemning it nearly as much as we do. And if I’m not mistaken, spousal rape was not even made illegal in the UNITED STATES until the early 1990’s! At the hands of feminists, of course. But I am NOT saying that rape, in any event, should be legal. What I am indeed saying is that I question every. Single. Idea. Feminism..... puts forth. I believe, firmly, that the only way humanity has the best chance at surviving is to go back to how we were before FEMINISM reared its ugly head. I’m not saying the oppression of females should exist for all-times, but we need to go back to the basics and sort things out. Once that is fully restored, we can then hypothesize on how to properly give females rights. Indeed, I question every single idea feminism puts forth, including the right of women to vote. I know for a fact that feminism is the most dangerous movement humanity has ever encountered – it has hijacked almost every square-foot of where humans walk on the earth – which is why I am so hostile towards it. But agreeing with me on every point I’ve made in this paragraph is not entirely necessary to get to my main point...

But before I get side-tracked preaching to a brain-dead, matriarchal-oozing society on its period, lemme remind you, the reader, that also in the 1990’s American women were fighting against female-genital mutilation, and defending their “right” to murder their children, all the while leaving males hanging out to dry so that society could continue to butcher the penises of little boys (#MenToo)! And truly, that may just be the tip of the iceberg!

It’s been said here on GC before: The ONLY reason rape is as traumatizing as feminists claim it to be is, euuuuuuuuuuuuuh – BECAUSE society makes a big deal out of it in the first place. You filth, you are making the ramifications of it so scarring that most people whom it happens to can never recover from it fully and get on with their lives. Yet their are many who CAN and DO move on and end up as productive people! What does that tell you?!

It would seem that one of the biggest conspiracies the agent feminism inflicts upon the world is the idea
that rape is so bad that the male who commits it can never be redeemed, nor a good person, and the female it happens to is permanent-damaged goods.

I do fear that the only way children, and males will ever receive rights and respect (again), is if we, as a species, lay off the whole “Life ends at rape” thing. Unless we relax our attitudes towards it, perhaps just a tad, males will always be seen as evil, and children will always need protecting so intensely that they will never have equality.

I’d bet that the majority of those who disagree with this are feminists, or religious. Two faces of the same coin. I declare that the feminist can not really be redeemed, and the religious? Read your on holy books if you want to see justification of rape, not my words!


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