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My response

Posted by Frank on Wednesday, April 22 2020 at 8:29:30PM
In reply to Selfserving male chauvinism posted by Smeagol on Tuesday, April 21 2020 at 10:04:41AM

'Why oh why do some of the girls who modeled for David Hamilton, and others for Ozzy Osbourne (and, I surmise, models for other photographers and artists) turn on them later in life? These girls had the chance to show off their beauty and talent, to earn money, and to gain opportunity. Hey you ladies (as you are now) back off with the unbecoming, ungrateful, and, almost certainly, sanctimonious/hypocritical attitude. Show some respect for the men who saw in you the beauty of youth and the sexiness that young females possess. Embrace all that is good and noble in feminism, but reject the extreme side of it which aims to paint men in a bad light. Reject too the false notions of utopia and nirvana for there will always be victims and villains in the world and we each will occupy both groups many times in our life.'

I wrote the above elsewhere on the net in response to a similar conjecture to yours.
I also wrote somewhere else that were it not for, over the millennia, men forcing themselves on women, the world's population would surely have dwindled to nothing (my opinion being that females have little or no interest in sex). Why, you only have to watch a few adult legal pornos to see that the females are really not in the zone but the men are. Why do women pleasure themselves? It feels good - yeah, for sure, but they imo do not have level of the male sex drive and enthusiasm.

My theory on female self pleasure is that it is for use during childbirth to relieve or offset the pain thereof. The birthing woman can pleasure herself, or the midwife can carry out this stimulation on the woman. I have never researched this; it is an idea that came to me years ago as to why females need to experience pleasure during sex as the act is over very quickly normally. The bullshit of men carrying on forever as seen in pornos, and the false notion of romantic 'love' is what has driven this idea of the female needing to climax concurrent with the male. (Or the man having to carry on after he has climaxed until his partner climaxes).

Check out animals like horses mating on YT, to see how disinterested the female is and how, because the female is on heat, the male gets into the business while she goes on nibbling the grass!!

It took me years of marriage to work out that what I was trying to achieve (making her happy) was actually impossible for the most part. I wish I could school all young guys entering relationships/marriage that the porn world's notion of sex is a myth.

So, 'self serving male chauvinism'? - call it that if you must, but I feel that the differences between male and female are so great that it is somewhat justified.

To repeat: 'Embrace all that is good and noble in feminism, but reject the extreme side of it which aims to paint men in a bad light.'

As all of the above is in my opinion, I would welcome any input especially with citations to scholarly work on this.

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