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The point of the post

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Tuesday, April 14 2020 at 10:26:57PM
In reply to Lack of consent posted by Gimwinkle on Tuesday, April 14 2020 at 9:09:57PM

The point of my post was not at all to say that rape should ever, in any circumstance, be acceptable. I do not believe it is (even though, I hope you realize, there are many antis and feminists who do believe you and I deserve it). Rather, the point was to show how the FEAR of rape is getting in the way of humanity's progression, as is the ridiculous feminist ideal that the raped-person can never recover.

But I still do not believe animals kill their own as much as we do. And if you're for the death penalty or whatever, then if justice is being carried out it's not "murder" by any legal or moral definition. "Murder", as we call it, is forbidden at virtually all times in the bible, yet the same perverse god ordered "just" killing, even of children, throughout. But I won't get side-tracked by my Satanic anti-religious preaching, except to say that the book of Revelation makes it clear that even Jesus will kill people once he returns (if we give him the chance!).

Where I, personally, draw the line -- since I specified that I question every single idea feminism puts forth -- is the concept that a woman should be able to change her mind at ANY time. I just don't agree that they should be allowed to change their minds years after the sex took place, as we see happening today. I don't know where the line should be drawn exactly though. That would be another discussion. But I am a virgin and will be for the foreseeable future since I refuse to have sex with women, any way. So it's a bit irrelevant to me specifically, just not to innocent men who didn't pay enough money or whatever to their whores.

If I see someone engaging in physical action against the wishes of another human being, I will use whatever method I have at my disposal to terminate the aggression.

Good. I'm glad to know you are against all forms of forced (or, uninformed) genital mutilation, especially when done to an unconsenting child, or infant. Women claim "my body, my rights" in a number of ways, yet most of the western woman turns a blind eye when we cut up the penises of unconsenting little boy future-male-pigs. It's a clear revenge tactic of feminism (endorsed by uber-feminists Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton, for starters).

#GETOVERIT (re: rape)

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