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OT: My new religious views explained

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Thursday, April 02 2020 at 07:48:32AM

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Before I begin, let me explain that I am not trying to offend anyone. I am NOT trying to force my beliefs down your throats, and I do admit they could be totally wrong. There are many, many more things that have happened in our universe, and the world, than what I state here. I might be crazy. I might have too wild an imagination. Or, I might just be too under-the-influence of black (heavy) metal.

In any event, this is what I now believe. I find these new beliefs of mine totally satisfying in regards to theology. Even if I’m wrong in having these beliefs, I find them fun and entertaining. And most importantly, they finally give me good justification to worship an LG goddess.

Proceed at your own risk. I am not responsible for your eternal destiny!

I’d describe these beliefs, oddly enough, as a combination of extreme atheism mixed with severe religious theology + science fiction.

I’m open to nitpicking. Feel free to call me out on any of this or question me.

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“Fact is stranger than fiction...”
I believe this statement to be true to most of history. Conspiracies are rampant. Most world events have been rigged. Imagine, then, what the truth must be in regards to how and why we exist!

In the beginning...

God existed outside the universe as some kind of alien creature we cannot comprehend. We can not so much as guess what existence looks like outside our universe, nor the “life” that exists there. God created our universe, as a simulation done with some kind of combination of technology, and the spiritual. We have no words in any language dictionary of what was used to do this.

“God” created our universe in an infinite and eternal form. There was no beginning to it, and there will be no end. There was no direct big bang which created everything in existence. There * may * have been a big bang that created our sector of the universe. But “God” created the infinite, eternal universe. In other words, the universe was implanted on some type of infinitely advanced hard drive which makes it appear to have always existed as far as we could ever perceive.

There has always been planets and matter in existence. Even life. It’s some sort of paradox.

For a good understanding of what happens next, read the Old Testament. “God” created the heavens (universe), and at some point later on – the earth. Probably something like 85% of the Old Testament is true.

“God” gave us souls using some type of spiritual technology. Our souls evolved over time on earth. “God” used his “Angels” (extraterrestrials) to create us using their own DNA technology.

Some of our souls may be reincarnated, others exist post-death in ghostly spiritual form. There is absolutely no heaven or hell which we go to immediately following death, that will come later and after all human life is destroyed by the “Angels”.

After the Old Testament, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is born sometime around 30 AD. Something like 85% of the gospels are also true. Jesus’ mother was impregnated by the “Angels” and gave birth to a half-human, half-alien child.

Jesus preached his message from “God”. When the work was nearing its end, Jesus made plans with his disciples to make holy war against the forces of Satan. Satan/Lucifer is a renegade alien who uses his own technology and spiritual properties to communicate with his followers. “Black Magik” can be used as a way to “hack” the universe system we know.

Jesus was betrayed by one of Satan’s men who was posing as a disciple. This was the beginning of the battle of Armageddon, which has been going on since, and will eventually conclude. Good vs. Evil.

Most of Jesus’ followers betrayed him when he was turned over and imprisoned. They were supposed to accept him and help and allow him to rule. This betrayal was the first major defeat for “God”, who was then put in a difficult position.

Jesus was * nearly * crucified. But “God” loved him so much, more than anyone else, so the only option “God” had was to upload himself into the universe and take human form. “God” did this to save Jesus from the crucifixion. So, appearing as Jesus, he spared Jesus and allowed himself to be crucified instead. “God” was killed. Jesus was taken into space by the aliens and continues to live with them to this very day. “God”, on the other hand, is dead. There is no longer any direct ruler of the universe. At least, not yet.

Hundreds of years passed after these events. The “Angels” were looking for a suitable contender to replace their lord. They eventually chose another alien – a powerful wizard - who had been appointed as a “moon god” and had been worshiped for a very long time by the pagans of Arabia. They did not choose Jesus himself to succeed the original “God” because they wanted to respect the wishes of “God”, who wanted Jesus to rule the earth no matter what.

After learning from the previous mistake of Jesus being betrayed, the “Angels” could not appoint Jesus as their ruler until a crucial period when he would either 100% win, or 100% lose. They had to wait until the final battle of Good vs. Evil – Armageddon. Thus, they chose their second choice as ruler – the moon-god Allah.

Allah is extremely powerful, but does not exist outside the universe, controlling literally everything we comprehend as existence. With “God” dead, the only one who will be uploaded outside the system of the universe is the winner at Armageddon. So, in other words and according to many prophecies, it will be either Allah or Satan. Allah is the chosen predecessor of “God”.

The moon-god Allah chose a man from Arabia named Muhammad to be his prophet. Using “Angel” Gabriel, Muhammad was given dictation of the Qur’an. The Qur’an, as it exists today, is the best piece of knowledge we have to know “what really happened”, and what “God” wanted for us. However, certain narrations of Muhammad’s life and teachings – known as Hadiths – state that part of the Qur’an was lost when it was eaten by a goat (see Sahih Bukhari, and others). These lost chapters, or Surahs, undoubtedly held a lot of vital information. This includes information about other battles other nations of earth had, and the gods they worshiped. The Qur’an we have today is incomplete and is also missing important details on what I stated above about what happened to Jesus. But the Qur’an – as it stands – makes it clear that Allah – the moon god – demands all of humanity worship him.

Satan, on the other hand, has never demanded nor expected anyone to worship him. We’re free to worship what we want. But worshiping “God”, Jesus, Allah, or their prophets, is greatly offensive to Satan and his demons (his own created race of aliens). Even more risky is obeying the offensive orders of “God” and Allah, such as mass-war, rape, and baby-killing. They are corrupt Lords who never told us the full truth about their origins, and blasphemed the true eventual victor – Satan. If you don’t believe me on how oppressive the chosen of “God” are, just read almost any religious scripture.

We NEED Satan to win Armageddon. Satan, the spiritual Sun, is all about freedom of choice, not force. Study Satanism (not LaVeyan!). It is true that Satan hates humanity. This is because most of us serve the corrupt “God” of the Illuminati. They’ve even tried to say that Satan is the leader of the Illuminati NWO, but really it is just a conspiracy of religious people, and certain aliens.

What happens in the end, I believe, is open to interpretation. Satan is not for baby-killing and ritual human sacrifice. That’s “God”. It really is. But it’s always true that there are bad apples in every group. It is my belief that Satan does not even endorse slaughtering animals!

We need Satan to win the war. Why should we believe that the Saints of “God” will win when every book he supposedly authored is so full of contradiction and lack of continuity? Is he really that incompetent? He expects us to follow his every word to the letter, but can’t make up his mind or give a proper dictation. Satan never needed to do any of that because he doesn’t really have any commandments for us to follow. No threats, except maybe for the extremely corrupt and demented people who commit terrible atrocities in the name of “truth”.

More alarming is that “God” and Allah promise to boil and torture us for eternity if we do not find a grain of sand or a needle in a haystack. That’s really and truly what religion is. Not only are there hundreds of religions in the world – there are thousands upon thousands of sects. In Islam, the truest religion of our times, there are hundreds of rules to live by which, if broken, bring one at risk for severe temporary punishment at the very least. If Allah wins the final battle and is successfully uploaded outside the universe to control and rule over it for eternity, most of humanity is indeed in for a world, or eternity, of hurt.

Now... some would say that God is loving, has no religion, and just expects us to be good to one another. That’s fine. I often respect people like that. But such a concept is quite far-out. And what then is the * real * difference between my Satan, and your God? Are you sure it isn’t a gray area with, perhaps, no difference whatsoever? Why is it that so many of this type of God-believer are often so sure that Satan and his demons, exist at all? Doesn’t all that talk come from the perverse religious texts? The same texts which they claim to reject since they contain commands to commit such terrible crimes?

There is a hell. As for a peaceful eternity in heaven... how can we even trust “God” that it really exists? Hell can be made a peaceful place where dreams come true for those whom Lord Lucifer wishes it upon. We can be brought back to life using technology. While I don’t believe Satan would torture anyone for eternity – no one deserves it – there are some folk whom may be given a temporary punishment. Others may be blotted out of existence for eternity. One thing is for sure, as long as we’re praying to such degenerate deities like most of humanity does, we’re doomed as long as we’re here on earth.

If Jesus hasn’t already been killed up in space, he (along with Allah) will have to be once he returns.

In short, these thoughts of mine, written above in their entirety are the only way which I know how to explain religion, prophecy, corruption, bizarre coincidence in history and every day life, modern events, and my own perceptions and revelations.

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