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But Allah works in mysterious ways!

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, April 05 2020 at 00:10:13AM
In reply to And posted by Gimwinkle on Saturday, April 04 2020 at 00:36:43AM

Yes, really. Allah the bitch is like that.

Here's a few of the main reasons I can't really be an atheist anymore:

- Scientists like Michu Kaku who say that neither atheism, nor creationism are correct. He seems to think BOTH are true. /me thinks reality is quite strange.

- Scientists like Lawrence Krauss and Dawkins who are always on the floor licking Hillary's dirty cunt. She's not just the lesser of two evils to them, she's the "CHOSEN ONE". That is a sick and disgusting view, and there's obviously a lot of ulterior motives at play for them to support such a terrible, cruel, feminist.

- The big bang theory may be falling. As Sad Life once pointed out, scientists aren't finding any strings of energy or anything that's supposed to be there at the quantum level. Nothing. It's almost like at the smaller level we're all made up of digital 1's and 0's or... something....... that, can't be seen by us at all, no matter what we do. I've read a lot of about the mathematics, sciences, and measurements which prove how old our universe is. Yet now in space we're discovering things that are "older" than the universe! So something is off there. I think the big bang is probably some kind of illusion caused by quantum mechanics.

- Near-death-experiences. It seems there MIGHT be something to those.

- Scientists saying that since we're already nearing the point where we'll be able to create our own simulated universes, and therefore we'll eventually have more simulated ones than real ones. What this means, they say, is that we may already be in a simulated universe!

That's all (ah) can think of for now. But please don't become a Muslim, Gim. Not only is Izzzzzzzwaaaaaam the worst religion, it is also the truest!

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