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Posted by Gimwinkle on Saturday, April 04 2020 at 00:36:43AM
In reply to religion is .... posted by Sobakevich on Friday, April 03 2020 at 10:45:58AM

the insanity plagued human race since the dawn of civilization!

Still does.

I knew a man who was close to death. He knew he had a couple years left in his life. (Actually, it ended up being just half a year.)

All his life, he just did his own thing, never once participating in the churches around him. But, once his mortality could be seen, he got baptized into Catholicism and began attending church services, singing his best along with others, rejoicing in the genuflexions he had to do and the holy stuff he assumed would be what his god wanted.

He never read the bible, ever.

Then, he died.

Death, you see, is the end of existence. What do you remember from before you were born? What do you remember from when you were undergoing surgery?

Death is like that. End. You can't say, "He is in his grave." What he used for a body will be. But "he" stopped existing when he took his last breath.

What do I care if I am cremated or stuffed in a casket and covered with dirt? I won't be there.

That scares people.

Religion takes advantage of that fear. You're NOT going to die. You will be in heavenly pleasure for all eternity with soft beds, unlimited Internet, all the movies you want to watch, pizza three times a day, all the girls you want to... wait... sex in heaven? Christians don't seem to think so. Muslims do. Damn, I need to become a muslim.


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