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Re: THIS is why I cashed the check!

Posted by Todd on Thursday, August 03 2006 at 4:52:53PM
In reply to Re: THIS is why I cashed the check! posted by lindsay on Thursday, August 03 2006 at 08:11:33AM

I can't say that I am surprised, Todd, but to be honest you brought this upon yourself.

I suppose you're right, but to tell the truth, I did not foresee them taking legal action over this crap. Chalk it up to my naivete, but I really didn't think they would stoop to that level, honestly. Let this be a lesson to anyone else who wants to volunteer to do anything of this sort in the future.

My intention was for you to use the return address that I had on the letter you sent in on the envelope. Instead, you chose to use your own return address, which has obviously led to confusion on the side of Save the Children and their legal counsel.

Yes, I used my own return address because, had I put a South American addy on the envelope as a return address, I can almost guarantee th whole amount would've disappeared before it arrived at it's destination. Do you think that all of my incoming and outgoing mail is being ignored by the authorities? I doubt it. I am quite certain my mailings are being watched by the gov't, and I am also quite sure that occasionally some of it "disappears" [case-in-point, the second envelope I sent out to StC with the last part of the donation.] The money orders also required a name and address, and since I was filling the damn things out at the service desk, I was not going to put something on it that was untrue. I purchased the money orders, and I sent them out--thus, they were my legal responsibility.

As your fervour for activism has diminished, it is not surprising that you are discomfited by the possibility of legal complications.

Heh, I've ALWAYS been ~discomfited by the possibility of legal complications~, especially when I am innocent of any crimes. But did YOU foresee them attempting to take legal actions over a stupid misunderstanding? Look, I may not be that up on law, but I'm not stupid--NO ONE can foresee every little thing like this that might come down the pike. If I thought for a second that they would throw me in jail because YOU put something on your website that they didn't like, then I would NOT have attached my name to the project.

As for your decision to cash the cheque, I am still opposed to that and expressed that to you in more than one email. So far you have failed to respond to any of my communication to you, public or private.

Well, I just told you why I haven't replied, but I can't see changing my mind now. I'm sending the money off tomorrow, anonymously, and I know it will be used well. I am not telling anyone here where it's going because, if the word gets out and any of the antis find out, I don't want them hounding the charities and telling them they're getting donations from pedophiles. No one will know where it's going but me, and that way I can be sure there will be no leaks and no antis terrorizing the charities I pick. This is my final decision--hate me for it if you want, call me a thief, I don't care. I'm already hated by most of the activists here as it is. I'm going to do the right thing--I'm going to help children sans self-aggrandizing publicity, the way charity SHOULD be.

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