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Well then . . .

Posted by Todd on Saturday, August 05 2006 at 00:27:21AM
In reply to Re: THIS is why I cashed the check! posted by lindsay on Friday, August 04 2006 at 07:08:09AM

Congratulations, you have now proven yourself a charter of the Kevin Brown "Look-Before-You-Leap Activism Society".

Thanks for the support. I'll remember that, as I know what a low opinion you have of Kevin. But I hardly think you can compare my putting my name and address on a check from calling into a nationally syndicated radio show and bragging you're a member of NAMBLA. Give me a break, please.

Only if you mailed it from South America, which is precisely why I did not want to collect money here.

Whatever. To be honest, I don't even remember if I DID put my return address on the envelope. My name and address was on the money orders, though, as required, which is what they went by when they returned them. The legal response came after my letter to StC, which, if you DID anticipate them reacting this way, you could've said something up front, like, "It's not a good idea to write that letter." But you said nothing. No, I suspect you either didn't know this was coming or didn't care.

Actually, I seriously doubt they'll throw me in jail over this. If they did that, they'd look like fools. Even the general public would realize that I'd have been punished on false and ridiculous grounds. No, I don't fear jail. What I fear is a big, highly-publicized trial that I do not have the money for.

I strongly discourage this action, Todd, which my previous emails (and public posts) will attest to. Todd, you were not the organiser of this campaign. I was.

Read: "I wanted ALL the credit, not just some of it." Yes, you thought it up, but without me it wouldn't have worked. I did all of the work, so to speak, by co-ordinating the money, not to mention giving out my home address to people I barely knew in order to make it happen.

You were the treasurer, and since when has the treasurer decided how to disburse funds.

Read: You're a trained monkey who decided to overstep your bounds.

The "treasurer" decided how to disburse funds when A) several GCers decided that the "treasurer's" place was to do as he was told and stop whining about it, B) those same people casually ignore the fact that it's HIS ass on the line and not theirs, C) things didn't go according to the original plan, D) he realized that some people had it in mind to play this game endlessly with other charities rather than just give the money to those who deserved it and leave it at that, E) the right thing to do would only occur if he took the initiative and did it himself. I can give you more reasons, but I think those are sufficient for now.

Todd, your credibility here is currently at a nadir.

Which is exactly why it ultimately matters very little what course of action I take. In fact, I suspect my ~credibility~ here has ALWAYS hinged on my ability to follow along with the crowd and not make too much noise when I see problems. That isn't credibility; that's sycophantism.

Your proposed action lacks any sort of transparency.

Which is exactly the idea. Then, there'll be neither bragging on our part nor harassment on the part of the antis.

I have heard from many people (including donors to this campaign) that are AGAINST you doing this. I am also opposed. Furthermore, you have chosen this action without ever asking or consulting me about it, and I am the one who organised it! Please do not do this.

It's done. The ball is already rolling, and I'm not going to stop it. These charities deserve the money, and they also deserve not to have either ourselves or the antis ruining it for them. As I said before, the matter is closed. I only continue to debate this with the people here because I want them all to be entirely aware of my reasons. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have checks to mail off.

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