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Updated Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Please note:

The Administration of GirlChat and assume no responsibility for the suitableness of
content of any web site linked below. By clicking on any link hereon you hereby agree to hold us free from
any liability incurred by your viewing these listed sites. Some sites may contain mature subject matter,
and therefore all persons under the age of 18 should obtain permission from their parent(s) or guardian(s)
before accessing any of these sites. We do not endorse any site nor features contained therein.

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        What's New In The Girl Love Garden Library?
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Active Forums
updated June 3, 2006 (Dolls House)
Àcouvert Forums
Adjunct Spiritual Support
updated May 25, 2006
updated May 25, 2006
Advocates for Youth
updated May 25, 2006
Age of Consent
updated May 25, 2006
Archived GirlLove Sites
updated May 25, 2006
Artistic Sites and Pictures
updated May 25, 2006
updated May 25, 2006
Books and Reviews
updated May 25, 2006
Boy Links
Children at Risk
Coming of Age Articles
Common Terms Defined
Confidential Suicide Prevention Resources
Contributions Keep Girl Love Resources On Line
Diaries and Dynamic Journals
Dictionaries, Encyclopædias, and Thesauruses
Education and Youth
Ethics of Child Love
Film Reviews:
Famous Paedophiles
Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Trans gendered Resources
Girl Chat's 1st Posts
Girl Chat's 50,000th post
Girl Chat Tools
Girl Chat Posting Stats
Ianthe's Press-Cuttings Digest
Internet News and Resources
Internet Security and Privacy
IRC, Ircle, mIRK, and Snak
Journals and Periodicals
Law: Canadian, U.K, and U.S.
Legal Decisions & Search
Legal & Human Rights Advocacy
Literary Sites
Music for Child Lovers
News on Topic
News Resources of the World
Perspective: Your Letters and Essays
Research Papers and Articles
Satire and Humor
Sexuality Education
Single Parenting
Submit a topic, article, or site
Tech News
LG TV Guide
Useful Tools
Video Catalog

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