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Keeping Us Online

Welcome at the fund raising page of GirlChat. We are relying on each member in good standing to keep GirlLove Garden's resources alive, healthy, and potentially growing. As Sheepy writes: "We have seen solid support in our community to keep us online; and, as long as this wonderful support exists, so it is that our community will continue to thrive. Yes, Girl Love Garden remains a major advocate for age disparate Friends & Lovers' Rights in the world. These are indeed exciting times with progressive growth in view. Our sincere thanks to each of you-Annabelleigh's friends."

However, due to the threats posed by those who desire to stop payment of our funds to our ISP, we will only be giving the "real time" mailing address to our members who achieve chat privileges. We must safe guard our "homeland in cyber space". Again, quoting Sheepy, "We are not a nation apart from society. We are an International Community put at risk by the laws against age disparate relationships within many societies." So we hope to minimize risk by being careful not to divulge any information to those who might hurt us.

So, if eligible, you may notify us of your wish to contribute.

Note: Due to the fact that mailing instructions change, you must e-mail the Acting Treasurer, each time you donate, at this address: thetreasurer@annabelleigh.net. Please include your nick, GC password (for your security), and amount you will be sending. You may request that your donation be listed anonymously. We will e-mail you with the current snail mail address. You may then mail your contribution using cash, your donation envelope will only be opened by our ISP. GirlChat resources has stopped accepting Pay Pal contributions due to it being cost prohibitive.

Our thanks, again, for your gifts of support. It is your contributions that keep GirlChatonline.

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