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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

The answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are meant to be informative, for the benefit of new visitors to GirlChat and to put in focus the general rules of procedure to keep in mind when posting in the GirlChat community. In posting any message to the GirlChat board you agree to honor the rules and consequences as stipulated in the FAQ. Notwithstanding these necessary provisions, unless otherwise stated, GirlChat posts are Copyright ©, 2000 — 2011 by the individual authors.

Updated: June 12, 2011


  1. Who are these people posting here?
  2. Can I be here?
  3. Are there risks in posting here?
  4. Is it ok to use my real name?
  5. Are there restrictions on what I can post?
  6. How long can my message be?
  7. Are they all talking another language?
  8. I can't find my message!
  9. Who runs this place?
  10. Why are posts hostile to GirlLove allowed here?
  11. Is it safe to contact people here personally?
  12. Can I send private e-mail to a poster?
  13. How do I get anonymous e-mail?
  14. I just want to chat with somebody!
  15. Can I post pictures/fiction?
  16. What are the URL and link boxes for?
  17. Can I try out some HTML here?
  18. Can I link to here from my home page?
  19. Where can I get more information?
  20. How do I register my nickname and password?
  21. Why can't I get into the chat room?

Questions & Answers

  1. GirlChat is an online community for girl lovers, i.e. people who are physically and emotionally attracted to young girls. As guests, GirlChat welcomes friends, researchers, curious non-girl lovers and respectful opponents. Regretfully, and due to circumstances beyond our control, GirlChat is unable to register posters who are less than 18 years old - but otherwise allows anyone, within reason, who takes the time to register and abides by the rules, to participate. However, the administration at GirlChat reserves the right to exclude any poster at any time should the situation warrant.

  2. The short answer is a definite yes, but you must be age 18 or older* and register first. GirlChat needs to avoid having the board overrun by trolls, hit-and-run posts, and unknown nefarious individuals, whose only aim is to cause harm. GirlChat is an open forum. There is no political or philosophical litmus test. However it is primarily a forum for mutual support for those who are attracted to girls. As such it can also be useful to any persons who need to better understand girl love.

    Re: age 18* requirement: The GirlChat Committee wishes to state that, though all social networks are being pressured to conform to new restrictions, we strongly regret our lack of an alternative choice at this time. In this world hysteria to protect youths from exposure to ideas which question both moral and political correctness, this is indeed a set-back of individual freedoms — and treats youths as property of the state. Specifically, it strips youths of cherished rights to exercise thier free will to participate on sexually thematic social networks. We remain, nonetheless, confident that the desire to pursue happiness with a "free will" remains an inextinguishable idea. And having tasted the yoke of unjust rules, once these youths attain their political voices, they will cause freedom in an awaiting brave new world "to be", and not tolerate it "not to be".

  3. The worst risks are not specific to GirlChat, but are part and parcel of risks inherent in use of the Internet for anything confidential, together with the risks of becoming known as a girl lover. It takes considerable expertise to find out anything about an individual poster from the logs that are automatically kept by Web servers. These logs are only available to the server administrators and the GirlChat administrators, who purge the logs as frequently as possible. It would take a court order for anyone else to legally access the logs. However, there is no way we can stop you inadvertently revealing your own identity through something you post here. You should also be aware that your browser keeps records of sites you have visited; that, in some jurisdictions, some of what is posted here could be construed as illegal speech; and that your very participation here could conceivably be used as evidence against your character.

  4. At GirlChat we do not permit the real names of participants to be used. On any public forum on the Internet, unless you are seeking public recognition in your real name, it is wise to always use a nickname. From time to time persons who are openly hostile to girl lovers post here, and more of their kind probably lurk here. One reason that GirlChat is so popular is that the web board structure provides such a simple means for effective anonymity. Even posters who are "out" in their private life or who are here only as sympathizers, not as girl lovers, generally opt for the protection of a "nick". Using a consistent nick enables your personality as a poster to develop in ways that enrich the GirlChat community and make it easier to give support.

  5. You should first keep in mind that GirlChat is meant to be a supportive, safe, creative and fun forum for girl lovers to discuss their thoughts and feelings, sometimes not even related to girl love. We will not allow illegal material of any sort to be posted to this forum. However, seven simple rules are listed below to help guide posters.

    Just as we expect the contents of a post to refrain from erotica, nor admit to potentially illegal activity, we expect that the subject line of a post will not violate those rules as well. To many of those who don't read the board in its entirety (including those in the legal community) a subject line is assessed on its own merit, devoid of context. If the subject line misrepresents the post to be something which violates GirlChat's rules, it may be edited — or the post deleted.

  6. Technical considerations mean that very short or empty messages are a bad thing. It is equally wasteful to post something that is so long that nobody will bother to read it. So the answer is that somewhere in between is preferable. Graphical browsers generally allow you to scroll to any length in the message window; and it is generally easy to paste in text that you have written (and spell checked) in your word processor or text editor. However browsers such as Lynx may only have a fixed size text entry box which gives you a definite limit.

  7. GirlChat is somewhere near the top of the heap when it comes to posters prepared to experiment with forms of expression. Poetry, philosophizing and cryptic conversations abound, especially within sub-groups who have built up strong relationships. But if you are looking for a direct response, plain English is the best starting point.

    However, some words and abbreviations often used at GirlChat are not in common use elsewhere. Most notable among words is "Ping", adapted from computer jargon and used in a subject line to attract the attention of another poster. Abbreviations include: "nt/nft" - "no (further) text", used to indicate that the subject line is the entire post; "OT" — "off topic"; "GL" — "girl love"; "GLr" or "GLer" — "girl lover"; "CL" — "child love", not specific to gender; "CLr" or "CLer" — "child lover"; "MAA" — "Minor Attracted Adult"; "MAP" — "Minor Attracted Person"; "LG" — "little girl"; "AG" — "adolescent girl"; "LGF" — "little girl friend"; and "GM" — "Girl Moment", a description of a moment in which one has the opportunity to interact with or appreciate a girl.

  8. If you just posted it, you may need to Reload or Refresh the index which is otherwise retrieved from your cache. Later, it is likely that it will have been moved to the Archive. Because of the amount of traffic on GirlChat, the main index is trimmed regularly and the posts are archived.

  9. Administration of GirlChat is handled by an unpaid, volunteer Committee and its ISP costs are financed by contributions. For more information on how you can contribute to GirlChat, contact our treasurer. The Webmaster can be contacted here.

  10. GirlChat believes it is important to keep the board as open as possible. While we don't allow flaming, exposure to opposing views is healthy. It allows girl lovers the opportunity to address misconceptions, half truths, and false perceptions, in a forum where reason won't be shouted down, and where their views will be heard on an equal footing. Many important points are made by people responding to hostile posts. If you do not like the tone of a particular thread, the best way to do something about it is to start your own thread.

  11. Not all of the people who post to GirlChat are girl lovers or supportive of girl love, so ultimately this must be your decision. There is no doubt that we will be visited by vigilantes asking for personal contact in attempted sting operations, and by others impersonating a girl lover who just intend mischief. Hopefully, in such cases alarm bells will ring quickly, but often they do not. Due to problems in the past we have disabled the email option in the posting field, and strongly discourage posters, especially new posters, from posting their email address on GirlChat.

    There is also no doubt that there are real girl lovers behind most of the regular nicks. However, we have our differences and you should take your time to build any relationship in cautious steps and not invest in unwarranted expectations.

  12. This board is not intended to be used as a substitute for e-mail. If you are comfortable about a poster's identity, have read our Security Post, and want to proceed, you may leave your e-mail address in the text of a post ( preferably in a form where a spambot can't harvest it.) But, beware of the risks in doing so. Do you want to provide an anonymous poster with the address that you use for your regular e-mail? Remember your normal e-mail address will appear automatically in the From and Reply to spots unless you configure your browser to provide a more anonymous address. However, please refrain from "Ping: You have mail" posts. These are acceptable for infrequent mails — particularly to the GirlChat administrative staff — but those frequently corresponding should not use GirlChat for notification.

  13. One of the best resources for information regarding e-mail is SafeMail.

    A helpful guide to security on the Internet can be found on our site. Security Links is a comprehensive, well thought out reminder of the traces we leave as we surf the web pages, send e-mail, and do IRC/ ICQ. Be informed about your security.

  14. The main board at Girl Chat is not intended for real time chat. Girl Chat does offer a live chat room for use by its members, however access to the chat is subject to certain conditions. It is certainly understandable that there may be people whose only interest is in having realtime chat with others like themselves. We regret that this is not feasible due to security reasons. Only "known" members with a minimum of three months of regular participation in this community will be considered for the privilege of live chat access.

  15. NO! Do not even think about using GirlChat as a place for exchanging pictures, nor to post fictional writing. In different localities different materials are considered illegal. For instance a fictional story involving children, though legal under federal law in the US, may be illegal under federal law in Canada. Therefore we must ban all such material. This restriction is not because GirlChat is pro-censorship; even the subject of child pornography elicits a range of opinion here. It is because our support role is too valuable to be compromised by the kind of attention that even a hint of pornography would bring.

    The sole exceptions are writings submitted to The GirlChat Committee for the special consideration of showcasing your work in an area set up for that purpose. If accepted your work may be edited to comply with legal requirements.

    The only pictures allowed inside posts are our signature pictures associated with the user authentication. The only justifiable reason for posting a link to a picture is if it is genuinely important to the content of your post; and, it is legal in the UK, Canada and the US.

    Our policy is that a video link must: (1) be fully compliant with GirlChat's posting rules; and either: (2) be a professional or commercial video, such as a news item or a video intended for a broadcast performance, or (3) contain no children. By commercial production we mean something originally broadcast off the Internet and available for purchase or through a paid service. Furthermore, since we are not a picture or video trading site, the link should be illustrative of a post, not the point of the post.

    Please do not post news stories, song lyrics or other copyrighted texts in their entirety. You may post excerpts and summaries (and of course, links), but anything more is a violation of copyright legislation in most jurisdictions.

  16. Posters who have girl love-related home pages frequently include the link to their page by putting its short description and URL in the boxes provided which show up as an active link next to a solitary bullet at the bottom of their posts. This facility is equally useful if your post refers to something you have found on the Web; or, you may want to link to a post which has been consigned to the Archive. You must use the full form of the URL, starting with "http://" for it to be recognized as valid.

  17. This is not intended to be a place to learn HTML. However as long as posters who know HTML use it appropriately to enhance the appearance of their posts, and close their tags and quotes, it will probably remain enabled. A link to another GirlChat post can be provided in the body of your message by using <a href="99999.htm">...</a> with the actual post number substituted for the "99999" part. Other appropriate uses of HTML include citing quoted text and creating distinctive personal signatures. You can check how your HTML will look by using the preview option before posting — which you really should do any time you make extensive use of HTML. One of the BoyChat regulars has prepared a Guide to HTML ,as well as a guide to understanding IRC and ICQ, which can be a big help.

  18. Girl lovers usually first find GirlChat through pointers from friendly pages, so the short answer is yes. However, for your own protection, you probably should never mix your implicit admissions about girl love with anything which reveals other aspects of your life. So, if you want to point to GirlChat, you should do it from a page which cannot be readily traced back to your real life identity.

  19. Definitional questions about the nature of girl love and of the hostility directed against it are an ongoing feature of the discussions on GirlChat. The girl loving community has a presence on the Internet and our associated Links page maintains a list of links to those resources.

  20. Only registered users at least 18 years old may post at GirlChat. To register send an email to and include your preferred username and password.

    Registered Nicknames

    Your username (or "nick") is yours alone and you must agree to accept responsibility for it. Allowing another person to use your username is grounds for a ban from Chat (should you have access) or the message board itself. If you have received a permanent ban from all or part of GirlChat this applies to any future nick you may wish to register. If you wish to dispute a ban, do so in a private e-mail to the GirlChat administrators. Public discussion or open flouting of a ban could lead to inadvertent linking of identities because of a standing ban being applied to a "new" nick.

    Please note that you must use your exact username and password. If you registered the name "Joe" you can't use "Joey". The password is case sensitive.

    Posters may choose to send us an image to appear with their nick, and text or HTML may be included to appear automatically with this signature picture ("sigpic") or instead of a picture. No photograph of a person may be used as a sigpic, unless the photo is of the poster him- or herself — and this is highly discouraged as it is dangerous to anonymity. Please e-mail your request to and include your nick and password. You will be notified as soon as it is ready for use, which may take several days.

    Once a sigpic and/or signature text is set up it will appear with your posts unless you uncheck the checkbox at the bottom of the posting form, where it is labeled "Automatically append sigpic?" Unchecking this box will disable the sigpic. You can also force your sigpic to appear anywhere in the post by typing "$sig$" (minus the quotes) in the post body. If you want to check what it looks like before you sign a post with it, just use the Preview button.

  21. Access to Girl Chat's live chat room is a separate registration process. In order to be considered for the chat, you must be a regular poster in good standing for at least three months. After this three month "getting to know you" period, you can ask any GC Committee member to register you for chat. If they feel that you have satisfied the requirements for chat access, they will register you at that time.

    Please understand that just registering and then waiting three months will not be enough to get you into the chat room. The purpose of this three month period is so that you have time to participate in the community (on our forum) and that the other members of this community have a chance to get to know you somewhat. The GC Committee will not just let total strangers into our live chat room.

The Seven Rules:

You may click on any rule to read its detailed interpretation.

  1. No erotica. At all!.
  2. No requests for, nor posts of, nor links to prohibited material.
  3. No blatant flames, excessive profanity, nor insults.
  4. Don't reveal identifying details about yourself or other posters.
  5. No overly detailed nor prurient sexual discussions.
  6. Don't post admissions of potentially illegal activities.
  7. No requests to meet underage participants in Real Life.

Flagrant repeat offenders may forfeit their right to post. Either the Webmaster or any of the Moderators may enforce any of these rules.

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