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The Seven Rules of GirlChat

The following information tries to explain how GirlChat's rules are interpreted by the moderators.

Please Note:  GirlChat believes in freedom of speech and we don't like to restrict content on our site. There are, however, certain activities that will catch a moderator's attention. These are posts to the forum, or messages in chat, which contradict our mission, endanger our existence, are illegal in English speaking nations, or may compromise the annonymity of another poster. We disallow these posts in order to keep GirlChat running and its community members safe. That doesn't mean that those views, apart from endangering another, shouldn't be expressed; we mean simply that they need to be expressed elsewhere.

Last Updated: May 27, 2015

  1. We define "erotica" to mean any post or link clearly, (in the view of the administrators) designed to arouse a sexual response. It's difficult to talk about sexuality without using sexual language; but try to keep it under control. See also Rule 5

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  2. GirlChat is not a place to find illegal material. We won't help you break the law. We aren't going to make any moral or ethical judgments on your life; but, we don't want to be liable for the repercussions — neither to you nor to the GirlChat community.

    We use U.S. and Canadian law as well as our upline Internet Service Provider's regulations as our rules. Thus, GirlChat strictly prohibits posting any pictures, links, or URLs to pictures, photos, drawings, or artwork of the nude human form (any age), written material (Canadian law), or other contribution in your post, link, or URL leading to materials that portrays, depicts or describes someone under the age of 18, or someone who appears to be under the age of 18 in a sexual act, including, but not limited to, masturbation, touching for a sexual purpose, genital touching, lewd displays of genitalia, mouth to genital contact, mouth to anal region contact, genital to genital contact, or potentially abusive sexual or sadistic variations such as bdsm role playing.

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  3. A "flame" is a personal attack. We all come from different backgrounds. Disagreements are likely to arise. Strongly worded rebuttals to "off-base" statements are sometimes appropriate. Keep it under control. You have freedom of speech; use it responsibly. Do not feel you must jump into a discussion simply to set others straight with an angry alternative opinion.

    We expect you to behave as if you were a guest in someone's home. Vulgar language, insults, name-calling, and that sort of behavior is frowned on — especially in the subject line where visitors are likely to be shocked to read an invective. If you disagree with another's opinion, especially if the opinion was not expressed to you nor was it made about you, do not become insulting. Allow others the dignity to freely exchange opinions without flaming either of the participants in an exchange.

    It is illegal to threaten someone. It is illegal to make false accusations to the authorities. It is illegal to impersonate an agent or officer of the government. Posts which do any of these will be deleted. It is also illegal to ask any minor for personally identifiable information. For this reason, and as chat is not as heavily moderated as the forum, GirlChat does not allow members to register enter the chat-room until they have a history of at least three months of unproblematic posting on the board and are at least 18 years old. Posts which do any of these will be deleted.

    Posts which claim access to private GirlChat material such as access logs, or which try to get readers to reveal their identities will be dealt with as threats.

    Impersonating someone with the intent of misleading GirlChat about that person may constitute an act of libel and it is illegal. Any statement that may be summonsed for use in a court of law, such as defamatory statements, will be deleted in order to protect our logs from being seized. Do not impersonate another poster. Your post will be deleted and you may be subject to being banned for an indeterminate period of time.

    Harassment is a statement designed to alarm or annoy another person. We all make mistakes and get angry; but, harassment is illegal and it will not be tolerated. Repeatededly harassing another poster will lead to a post being edited, deleted, or the banning of the harassing individual.

    No post may be made that discriminates against someone on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, social or economic status, marital status or family status, gender, age, disability, sexual oriention, religion, nor a crime for which they've been pardoned. Note: such discrimination is disallowed by the Human Rights Act, in Canada, and many of the above categories are also protected by law in the USA and Europe. Violation of this law might be interpreted as a hate crime. Posts atacking any individual in violation of this rule will be deleted and the poster warned. Repeated violations will result in a loss of posting rights for a time to be determined by the Committee.

    We're trying to provide a respectful, non-judgmental place where girl lovers can get ideas out in the open. Hate-mongering just doesn't fit in with that mission. If you must disagree, please do so without being disagreeably rude. Again, it is often better to simply agree to disagree than to disrupt the spirit of the community.

    GirlChat is visited by thousands of individuals who will never post. Other persons passing through might be shocked at our celebration of pedophilia and hebophilia. They might become offensively vocal in making their keen displeasure known. Neither will it be unusual for many in our community to justifiably feel that the offensive poster needs a strongly worded and frank reply. Please attempt to be moderate in your own choice of terminology. We might never make many friends in discussions with non MAAs, no matter how gracious our response; but, we do well to remember that it is society that has brainwashed the masses. Using soundness of mind when speaking our minds in response to flames, foolish talk, and false accusations is seldom easy. But it just might be exactly this type of moderate argument that the neighbors of known pedophiles need to hear in order to use a modecum of decency in their treatment towards those of us who, for one reason or another, have been outted in our communities.

    No post will be deleted just because it disagrees with girl love nor with pedophilia. However the rules that apply to GirlChatters apply equally to non-minor attracted adults!

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  4. Law enforcement agencies, as well as self-styled "child advocates" whose sole mission is to harass members of the girllove community, read GirlChat, so don't post your real name, your regular email address, your location, or any other information that could help to determine your identity; doing these things is the most common way that posters invite trouble by compromising their anonymity. New posters who reveal such information will be warned, and their posts will be edited.

    If you're a regular poster and want to "out" yourself, please remember that once the information is posted, you can no longer control it. Please be careful: we can't protect you from yourself. Likewise, please be careful when you write about other posters. Do not post at GC or any of its affiliate Web Sites any information that could identify another poster's email address, location, personal description, field of employment, nor any other information that would be considered confidential. Unless otherwise stated, GirlChat posts are Copyright 2000 — 2011 by the individual authors.

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  5. GirlChat deals with sexuality. It's necessary to talk about sex, and sometimes to share sexual experiences. We expect these to be tastefully worded and not mistaken for erotica. Do not go into detail, especially if the act being described is/was unlawful. Make your point and move on. If you admit to committing a crime that has not been resolved your post will likely be edited or deleted for your welfare and for the security of our community's logs.

    We realize that adult erotica are not forbidden by law. Unfortunately, the law is not the only factor which decides whether or not GirlChat survives. We must respect the rules of our ISP. Yes, these rules are stricter than the law allows; and, unfortunately, our experience has proven that it must be this way.

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  6. This rule is designed to curtail the posting of any material that could lead to a criminal investigation of the poster. Such an investigation could threaten the existence of GirlChat inasmuch as the server could be seized in an attempt to identify the poster making the admission. Do not post admissions of any activities which could be illegal in any US, Canadian or European Union jurisdiction.

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  7. Media hype claims the Internet is a tool for child molesters looking for victims. We don't want to fuel that misconception. We know it isn't true, and we'll do what we have to to show people it's not true. We don't make any judgments on whatever relationships you want to form, but please do not use GirlChat to openly make it happen.

    If you're under the age of consent where you live, be sure not to give out any information that might be used to identify you. Remember, we can't control who reads GirlChat, and we can only ensure your safety if you stay anonymous. If someone tries to use GirlChat to connect with you in real life — if you are a minor — report it to the GirlChat webmaster.

    "Underage" here means below the age of eighteen.

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