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Kids Who Stream Themselves for "Gifts"

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 08 2024 at 04:09:28AM

(Also, even young adults with absolutely no learned moral restraints, for that matter.)

Where the hell does anyone in power think that this business idea inevitably leads?

Seriously. Making desperation beg for a bone? Popularity and adoration in kids, or financial means in those who are older. Is this not an obvious assault on the vulnerabilities upon western populations? Actually, upon all global populations? Are pimps now allowed to hide behind CEO labels globally as the money rolls in? It certainly looks that way, but let us focus upon kids specifically.

The recent Zuckerberg apology in Congress was hysterical. I'm pretty sure he was simply caught off guard on his spectrum and had no mentally rolodexed response at the ready.

Now I've always been about kids having the freedom to express themselves, but that idea comes with having been taught a set of personal morals as well. Basic ones, the ones anyone over 30 or so takes for granted if they went to a decent school and had parents who gave a damn about them navigating through the typical pitfalls of life.

Well, those preparatory skills are being taught less and less, especially in the schools (and especially public schools) who now seem to have other priorities that kick teaching these life skills to the curb.

But it's not just the schools either. It's all the shallow priorities being sunk into their little sponge brains by the entertainment industry as well.

What matters more than ever? Popularity, being seen, being liked, being attractive, having stuff everyone else wants, and being handcuffed to a technology dopamine hit that reaches right into their closed-door bedrooms where mommy and (sometimes) daddy think their little ones are safe from danger. In fact, these avenues make many kids prone to being objects of pleasure, objects of scorn, and sometimes objects of outright sadism, the latter perpetrators being the most truly heinous of all.

However, I just want to focus on these places which have adopted an idea imported from China. People can register at these streaming sites, often anonymously, and pay the streaming site to buy virtual "gifts" which they can then give to people who stream video of themselves.

Now I'm no genius, but what do people with the power to regulate/control such sites think these gifts are going to be given for? Altruism? Being kind? Having a higher purpose for helping others?

Everyone knows the internet tends to be the place where probably a majority of people go to entertain their most base urges and desires, at least part of the time.

For kids who already want desperately to be popular and liked, adding "gifts" that they want into the mix, and strive to obtain, really isn't any different than dancing on a stage at a strip club. Your anonymous fans don't care about your favorite music or clothes or other interests. They are only gonna "make it rain" for you if you do what they want you to do in return for them.

So it just seems curious to me (brilliant, actually) that this idea from China which is largely from Chinese-owned companies, is allowed to be a thing in the West. It's not just placing a price tag on kids. It's doing the same for adults looking to make easy money. It gradually becomes part of the mainstream accepted culture and pushes society ever deeper into the gutter.

Now I would never deny there are pedos who'd love to see naked kids, or for some, to even have the ability to bribe or pressure them directly in real time for their goal. I suppose what I'm really saying is, that after 25 years of people ranting about stranger danger on the internet, the strangers are merely the beneficiaries of problems relating more to big tech money and corruption among those who go so far to look the other way for domestic adversaries and foreign ones, who really have no need to fire a single shot. The helpful John Banner imitation comes only for a price of course, but that is no obstacle.

Others will say, look at this perverted hypocrite trying to get all high and mighty against the social media companies.

Hey, I only ever dreamed of having a young girlfried to love and adore. I never wanted to pimp them all out en masse to strangers for my shareholder profits (nor to cause "social decay for benefit of great nation"). Call me sick for my love if you wish, but that's just on another level called evil.

The dramatic show of strong words and replying apologies for the cameras will continue at regular intervals, while the online destruction of society brings in more money to build useless doomsday fortresses in places like Kauai:p

(And the naked girls go "Doo do doo do doo, do do doooo...")


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