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what are you talking about?

Posted by lemondolphin on Thursday, February 08 2024 at 9:10:03PM
In reply to Kids Who Stream Themselves for "Gifts" posted by Eeyore on Thursday, February 08 2024 at 04:09:28AM

"I would never deny there are pedos who'd love to see naked kids"
Are there any who would NOT love to see naked kids??

Are you talking about what Twitch does, where sufficiently popular streamers can be tipped? There are adult women on that platform that stream subtly sexual content. The platform bans pornographic content, since that is not what it is for. There are no underage content creators streaming that category, as far as I am aware.
On YT, creators can only be tipped during live streams, which many do not do.
Twitch and YT both preceded TikTok, which is the only Chinese company I know about...
I haven't seen this recent Zuckerberg appearance, or why he would speak...
There is OnlyFans, but minors are not allowed on there.

These platforms are strange companies - they are media companies who produce no media of their own. It's great because it enables creative people to produce and showcase their own content with complete creative control and without additional fees. So many projects, documentaries, and shows get made that would otherwise never see the light of day. When the creators are doing all the work - it is only fair that they make some money from it! So there are different ways to monetize, the top ways being : ads, brand deals, sponsorships, and audience participation. The last one can be direct tips during live streaming, sub purchases, or 3rd party platforms like Patreon. Honestly, with most of the streamers I have seen and watched, tips during live streams are often spontaneous and just because an audience member likes the streamer and supports what they do. It is not attached to anything they say in the moment, or any particular act. They just want to support their fave streamer. It's a para-social relationship, not a transaction.
I guess I just don't know what you are talking about! I haven't seen anything like what you seem to be talking about.

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