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Oh, lettuce BEGIN to share!

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, February 16 2024 at 03:25:00AM
In reply to Meanwhile... Chinese Tiktok pushes STEM posted by LGsouL on Thursday, February 15 2024 at 09:54:16AM

The "Progress Pride" flag has already taken over STEM on most major college campuses across the US. Not sure how things are elsewhere.

One looks and wonders... uhh... why/how does a political force make its way into the serious sciences which are not historically (nor rationally) political at ALL?

More than that, how does it manage to display itself everywhere within STEM higher-ed conclaves??

THAT is when you realize... uh-oh, the well of scientific discovery has been POISONED by political schemers.

And it's an incredibly sad thing to witness, when you know science deferring to politics means decline is sure to follow:/

I find Matt Walsh entertaining sometimes, though he's somewhat of a goth conservative.

Your remark about internet access... ugh. A big topic needing discussion. Freedom to learn versus intentional brainwashing. Sighhh:/


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