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rock bottom

Posted by sadlife on Tuesday, January 09 2024 at 2:27:06PM

People with self destructive habits often need to "hit rock bottom" before making changes that stop that downward spiral.

Seems to me that social attitudes about pedos are spiraling down at a higher rate now than ever (especially in Merica). Any minor discovery of "crossing of the line" in pedo behavior results in extreme punishment to not only the perp but the entire family and friend circle around them, and unnessesary increased trauma to the victim. I know too many (mostly young men but also older men - never women) with nearly destroyed lives due to the stigma of "child sex crimes". I'm not talking about careless predatory or violent molestation but things like inappropriate petting in an otherwise loving relationship, or victimless stings or online viewing of KP. Penalties of prison, lifetime registration, penal polygraph labelling, and demeaning psych treatments are common and automatic legal responses.

So where is rock bottom for all this? Will free societies ever hit it and say enough, we need a better way to deal with this "pedo problem"?

Just wonder what y'all think about it. Can anything be done? Anyone see a light at the end of the tunnel?


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