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Legal Pedo Death Penalty Rulz Need Nuanced Clarity

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, January 11 2024 at 04:56:42AM
In reply to rock bottom posted by sadlife on Tuesday, January 09 2024 at 2:27:06PM

So does one of us kidnap, rape and torture someone's offspring after murdering her parents in calculated cold blood, or does she willingly just run off with a guy a few years older than herself, who said all the right things, and completely submits to her dreams and demands as the female alpha? Would both perps qualify for DEATH?

There might be an ever so slight legal difference at hand here, in need of both exploration and semi-precise formal explanation, to be considered serious or wise, anyway. and not just politically beneficial.

But at least the Georgia college predicament looks like it is going to be a moot CNN story thanks to the establishment surpassing you without MSM need for it, Florida.

People of an attraction do not take kindly to a penalty of death which feels no need to distinguish between forced and mutually desired interaction. So fuck you, former so-called college instructor perv that I often thought insightful.

How the hell is that trojan nicky-horse surpassing you??



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