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Abby Lee Miller likes High School boys

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Thursday, December 14 2023 at 1:03:27PM

So in an interview Abby Lee Miller of Dance Moms fame has said she likes watching the high school boys play football and adds that she's attracted to them.

The outrage crowd of course came after her usually matching up from the same outrage crowd that got her cancelled for supposedly being racist during the summer of love. Since she had a possible new show coming up they wanted to make sure she remained cancelled.

Most of the comments in various news articles remain as "meh who cares", to "obviously", to "we all knew female teachers who were banging high school guys". This is reversed on articles where a male does it. But, I do find it amusing that the general public does not really care about this and it's just a few select few in HollyWood that are determined to make sure that Abby Lee remains canceled and this is their latest way to make sure that happens.

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